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Product Details for PE ELAN 6000 ICP/MS

Category: ICP-MS
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Photo:   PE ELAN 6000 ICP/MS
Product Information:

Perkin Elmer Sciex - Elan 6000 ICP/MS System

The ELAN 6000 is a compact, self-contained Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) system, that combines detection sensitivity equal or superior to GFAA (graphite furnace atomic absorption) with the rapid multi-element sample throughput of ICP-OES (ICP optical emission spectroscopy). ICP-MS uses a high-temperature argon plasma to generate metal and elemental ions which are introduced into a mass spectrometer for separation and quantitation. The ELAN 6000 can assess a sample, covering the full range of the elements in the periodic table, in less than two minutes.

  • trace metal contaminants
  • easy to use
  • multi-element capability
  • low cost of analysis
  • high sensitivity
  • low (parts-per-trillion) detection limits
  • compact design

Unique features of the ELAN 6000 include:

  • SimulScan™ extended dynamic range, which automatically allows both high and low range signals to be measured simultaneously in a single scan, over a full 8 orders of magnitude.
  • corrosion-resistant sample introduction system and Ryton™ spray chamber are inert to most mineral acids and organic solvents.
  • and the patented PlasmaLok interface eliminates secondary discharges and stabilizes ion energies, ensuring optimum performance across a wide range of sample types and operating conditions.


The ELAN 6000 is applied for the characterization of both inorganic and organic materials in the routine analysis of trace elements in drinking water, groundwater, surface water, wastewater, solid waste, industrial effluent, soil, sediment and atmospheric samples. All 12 primary contaminants, including Hg, currently regulated by the US Safe Drinking Water Act, can be determined by a single method, replacing the previous requirement of three or more instruments to achieve the same analysis.

  • inorganic and organic materials
  • trace elements
  • solid and liquid wastes

We offer a Perkin Elmer Sciex Elan 6000 ICP/MS System. Complete with:

  • AS 91 Autosampler
  • Computer
  • PE ICP/MS Software
  • Rainin Digital Peristaltic Pump
  • Rainin Recirculating Chiller

Call for price.

Many options available upon request.

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.

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