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Product Details for BD FACSVantage SE w/Turbo Sort

Category: Flow Cytometers
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   BD FACSVantage SE w/Turbo Sort
Product Information:

BD Biosciences FACS Vantage SE System with Turbo Sorter

High-performance, high-speed cell sorter

The BD FACSVantage™ SE Flow Cytometry System is the superior cell sorting instrument for the research laboratory. The SE offers high-performance, high-speed cell sorting capability, and is used throughout the global research community.

The FACSVantage SE provides:

  • Multicolor analysis and sorting
  • Flexible and modular for upgradability

This system can be configured with 3 lasers and have the ability to detect up to 6 colors. We have this system in stock and can deliver within 2 weeks of obtaining the order.

We offer a September 2001 FACSVantage™ SE TurboSort Plus Cell Sorting and Analysis System. This FACSVantage™ SE TurboSort Plus is in excellent condition is able to simultaneously analyze 6 colors immunofluorescence, 8 parameters (7 total colors, 9 total parameters). Still under service contract. Was last given a routine preventative maintenance May 2008. Replaced Stream Illuminator Assy, O-rings, filters, sample tubing. Ran QC to verify operation and all looks very acceptable. No problems noted. Available for inspection.

The system includes:

  • BD FACS Vantage SE Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer.
  • The TurboSort Plus option allows cell sorting at up to 30 thousand cells per second.
  • Lasers:
    • Coherent Enterprise II Water Cooled Laser provides up to 200mW of power with simultaneous emission at 488 and 351nm
    • HeNe 635 nm (Red) Laser Air Cooled rarely used
  • Third Laser Mount
  • Detector Option 1
  • Detector Option 2
  • Detector Option 3
  • AccuDrop
  • Filter Set Indo-1
  • FACStation Data Management System
  • Macintosh G4/9.1 Computer
  • Cellquest Software
  • CytClone Software
  • Software manuals
  • 18” LCD1830 Monitor
  • B&W PostScript USB Printer
  • BD CloneCyt™ Plus microtiter sorting option for Pulse processing and ACDU (Automated Cell Deposition Unit) automated single-cell deposition is able to deposit a predefined number of cells into a wide variety of collection devices such as 96 or 24 well plates.
  • FACSCalibur 4 Color Basic Sensor Unit
  • Heat Exchanger Laser Pure 5i
  • Cables
  • Equipment manuals
  • Sold As is, subject to successful inspection.

Call for Price

(sells for $350 - $400,000 new)

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


  • OPTIONAL Training and Software Validation Services:
    • These services are customized for the needs of the client and are priced accordingly.


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