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Product Details for Shimadzu QP8000 LCMS

Category: Mass Spectrometers
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   Shimadzu QP8000 LCMS
Product Information:

Shimadzu LCMS QP8000 alpha with HPLC.

The LCMS QP8000 alpha single quadrupole mass analyser brings unparalleled performance for the identification and quantification of biomolecules, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Integrated with software that delivers rapid data acquisition and processing, LabSolutions LCMS software provides rapid access to information, results and knowledge.

Key features

  • ‘One click’ approach to sample analysis. Pre-configured methods and customized reporting templates provide an open environment for all scientists to access mass spectrometry.
  • Rugged robust LC/MS detection with minimal source maintenance.
  • Supports integrated autotuning and mass calibration for automatic optimization.
  • Supports mass directed fraction collection control. Compact design, 380W – 420H – 720D (mm).

LC advantages

  • Recognized as the industry leader in solvent delivery systems for mass spectrometry. Shimadzu LC-10ADvp pumping systems deliver a pulse free baseline that is critical in high sensitivity applications.
  • For mass directed fraction control the Shimadzu LC-8A pumps provide an operating flow rate between 0.1-150 mL/min. Supporting micro-gram to gram purification studies.
  • High throughput sample capacity is a standard feature of the SIL-10ADvp autosampler. Micro-titre plates in addition to standard vials are supported.

MS advantages

  • The most comprehensive customized reporting package for LC and MS data that is currently available. Reporting templates can be quickly designed to maximize the efficiency of reporting data without the constraints of limited fixed reporting templates.
  • Automatic routines for system start up and shutdown take advantage of integrated system philosophy of the system. ‘One click’ approach to sample analysis is all that is required to start the analysis of a sample from sleep mode.
  • Mass range 10-1500 amu (S model) 10-2000 amu (H model).
  • Rapid data acquisition rates for high throughput analysis (6000 amu per second - 6000 data points per second in centroid mode)
  • API source designed for minimal adduct formation and low thermal fragmentation.
  • Both APCI and ESI probes are included in the standard configuration.
  • APCI flow rates 0.2-2 mL/min.
  • ESI flow rates 0.001- 1 mL/min.
  • Nebulizer gas consumption is 5 L/minute only (maximum). No auxiliary gas is used in desolvation.

We offer a complete Mass Spectrometer with LC:

  • Shimadzu QP8000 and HPLC
  • Shimadzu QP8000 Mass Spectrometer with APcI and ESI
  • Shimadzu SIL-10ADvp Autosampler
  • Shimadzu CTO-10Avp Column Compartment
  • Shimadzu SCL-10Avp Controller
  • Shimadzu DGU-14A Degasser
  • Shimadzu SPD-10A Detector, UV
  • Shimadzu LC-10ADvp Pump
  • Shimadzu LC-10ADvp Pump
  • Shimadzu LC-10ADvp Pump

Call for price.

(sells for $00,000 new)

Many options available upon request.

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


  • OPTIONAL Installation
  • OPTIONAL Training and Software Validation Services:
    • These services are customized for the needs of the client and are priced accordingly.
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