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Product Details for Finnigan LTQ FT

Category: Ion Traps
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Photo:   Finnigan LTQ FT
Product Information:

Finnigan LTQ FT Hybrid Mass Spectrometer

This advanced, high performance ion trap - Fourier Transform mass spectrometer is the right tool for your toughest analytical challenges in metabolic studies, proteome analysis, pharmaceutical discovery, and all other applications.

The Finnigan LTQ FT™ combines the most advanced Ion Trap and Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance technologies into a single instrument with unprecedented analytical power and versatility. For the first time, high resolution, accurate mass determinations, and MSn are available for routine high-throughput analysis.

The Finnigan LTQ FT hybrid linear ion trap ICR mass spectrometer for the first time provides a means to perform ECD analysis on complex mixtures of peptides and proteins on an LC timescale. High cleavage efficiency is achieved by the use of a cathode with a large electron emitting surface. Ion accumulation and isolation in the linear ion trap prior to transferring to the ICR cell for ECD and detection allows shorter cycle times (less than one second). This allows, if necessary, averaging of multiple ECD scans for each peak eluting during the on-line chromatography.

This advanced, high performance mass spectrometer is the right tool for your toughest analytical challenges in metabolic studies, proteome analysis, pharmaceutical discovery, and all other applications demanding rigorous structural characterization.

  • Robust accurate mass determination
    • Mass accuracy of better than 2 ppm with external calibration
  • Very high mass resolution for mixture analysis
    • Maximum resolution of greater than 500,000 (FWHM)
  • Simultaneous high resolution, mass accuracy and sensitivity over one mass decade (e.g. m/z 200 - m/z 2,000)
  • Fast data acquisition rate (1 second) with very high mass resolution (100,000 at m/z 400) for unprecedented LC/MS performance
  • Sub fmol on-column sensitivity (LC-MS)

We offer a 2004 sytem with standard configuration, no LC.

Sold in good working order.

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OPTIONAL Agilent 1100 Series LC Micro Collection/Spotting System

The Agilent 1100 Series LC micro collection/spotting system is especially designed for separation at low flow rates and allows the collection of small fraction volumes, even on MALDI targets. It is an ideal tool for single- or multidimensional chromatographic separation of complex peptide and protein mixtures for subsequent analysis by MALDI and/or ESI mass spectrometry.


  • Plate Sampler
  • Controller
  • Degasser
  • Thermo Compartment

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