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Product Details for Thermo Finnigan AQA

Category: Mass Spectrometers
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   Thermo Finnigan AQA
Product Information:

Thermo Finnigan AQA LC/MS

Finnigan AQA single quadrupole mass spectrometric detector for coupling with Dionex HPLC and high performance IC systems, for the first ever IC/MS capabilities. The AQA, with switch-able dual atmospheric pressure ionization sources, is controlled for LC/MS applications using Dionex's Chromeleon MS Chromatography management software for the best in both chromatographic and MS software. Electrospray ionisation and atmospheric chemical ionisation are available for LC and IC applications.

The AQA source inlet is self-cleaning for superior reliability and extended routine operation compared to other MS detectors.

The system includes a benchtop quadrupole mass spectrometer with a mass range of up to m/z 1600 with unit mass resolution.

Finnigan AQA system for high-throughput LC/MS analysis of combinatorial libraries, using an Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API) source, providing multi-user Open Access software for around-the-clock usage.

  • The only self-cleaning LC/MS that operates non-stop for weeks with involatile buffers
  • Routinely delivers precise, accurate quantitation at trace levels
  • True non-stop performance with multi-user Open Access
  • A powerful new tool for Drug Discovery™ delivering fully automated high throughput screening confirmation
  • All Powered by Xcalibur
  • LC Compatibility

    AQA™ is compatible with existing LC methods,especially those including salts, ion-pairing agents and dirty matrices, easily handling flow rates up to 2mL/min in ESI & APCI without splitting.

    Atmospheric Pressure Ionization - API

    Atmospheric pressure ionization is the most universal interface for LC/MS. AQA is available with two API modes. Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI).


    Using Xcalibur software you can record the output from traditional LC detectors including UV, PDA and evaporative light scattering detectors (ELS). Fully controls a wide range of LC pumps and autosamplers including, 96-well plate systems.


    Don't let the small benchtop size of AQA deceive you. ThermoQuests's advanced technology makes industry-leading sensitivity possible from this compact instrument. Just compare AQA’s sensitivity and stability over typically rigorous assay conditions with the competition; you won't be disappointed. AQA is still analyzing and reporting when all others require maintenance.

    Ease of Use

    AQA is simplicity itself incorporating AQAmax™, tool-free switching between ionization modes and fixed gas flow rates - the lowest in LC/MS. AQAmax delivers dial-up sensitivity, even with day to day, instrument to instrument changes, the AQAmax values remain the same.


    Sometimes retention time and PDA response aren't enough to identify an LC peak. AQA’s mass spectra provide confidence in peak identity unmatched by any other LC detector. Uniquely non-discriminating AQA delivers accurate, precise trace level quantitation.


    AQA is a revolutionary self-cleaning design, delivering non-stop quality performance under the most rigorous analytical conditions.

    Packaged Solutions

    Powered by Xcalibur, multi-user Open Access for walk-up availability to AQA, Discovery for high throughput screening, delivering rapid molecular weight purity confirmation and Mass Frontier™ - a powerful tool for efficient management and interpretation of mass spectral data.

    We offer a complete system which Includes:

    • ESI
    • APCI
    • Edwards E2M30 roughing pump, s/n# 017013052 (includes the FL20K Foreline Trap with activated Alumina)
    • ThermoQuest Finnigan water chiller, p/n# KTR6S01
    • Guaranteed good condition

    Call for price.

    (sells for $00,000 new)

    Many options available upon request.

    Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


    • OPTIONAL Installation
    • OPTIONAL Training and Software Validation Services:
      • These services are customized for the needs of the client and are priced accordingly.



    • Yes, we can provide the right optional extended support package for you (i.e. on site maintenance). Ask for details and prices.
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