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Product Details for SEM/EDS Tescan Scanning Electron Microscope Oxford INCA EDS

Category: Microscopes
Price: $139,000 USD
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Product Information:

Tescan SEM Electron Microscope Oxford INCA EDS SEM/EDS – all items like brand new!

Purchased one year ago and not been used for months. In fact – it has never really been ‘broken in’. The lab no longer has experienced Ph.D. level scientists using a combination of techniques (PLM, FTIR, etc.) nor are they materials scientists; and they no longer have the expertise in running the equipment or interpreting the results. Now, they have this magnificent hi tech microscope that they can’t use. And they don’t have the budget to hire a competent analyst and/or to purchase complementary analytical equipment.

Tescan VEGA TS 5130 MM 2.02 Scanning Electron Microscope with Oxford Model 7378 Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscope includes:

  • Accelerating Voltage: 500V to 30kV, variable in 100V Steps
  • Resolution: 3.5 nm, 30kV, 4mm WD
  • Magnification: 4x – 500,000x
  • Probe current: 1pA to 2microA
  • Sample Chamber: 195mm ID, 138mm door width
  • Stage Movement: X = 40mm, Y = 40mm, Z = 47mm manual, z’ = 6mm manual (360 degree rotation, software driven), Tilt = -70 to +90 manual
  • Working Vacuum = 5 x 10(-3)Pa
  • Scanning Speed: 600ns to 10ms per pixel, Scan Modes: Full frame; Reduced raster with continuously adjustable shape, size, position; Spot; Linescan
  • Image Size: Up to 4096 x 4096 pixels
  • MS Windows Platform w/mouselink, Software Controlled, Automated Operations and Graphical Interface, INCA Energy IE200 EDX with Automated Feature Analysis
  • ($176,200 retail for system)
  • Accessories:
    • OEM Manual and Toolkit
    • Two 19" flat panel monitors ($1350)
    • Box of 20 new replacement filaments ($850 value)
    • Cressington 108A Carbon Coating system w/Pfeiffer desktop VacPac (was $5950)
    • Geller NIST Traceable MRS-4XYZ standard (never used - $2500 value)
    • Assorted mounting stubs, filters, carbon tabs, carbon rod sharpener, 4L liquid nitrogen dewar, etc.

Price: $139,000 USD

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