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Product Details for ViewLux™ ultraHTS Microplate Imager

Category: Arrayers/Plate Readers
Price: $39,900 USD
Photo:   ViewLux™ ultraHTS Microplate Imager
Product Information:

PerkinElmer Wallac ViewLux™ ultraHTS Microplate Imager

Model 1430-0010

We offer a 2001. Formerly leased to Aventis Pharma and always under service contract. Capable of up to 200,000 assays per hour. Deinstalled and factory packed. Certified eligible for factory service contract.


  • 40c Camera 1 mega pixel
  • Dell Workstation
  • Viewlux software Rev.2.1
  • Operators Manuals
  • Software manuals
  • Cables
  • Guaranteed in good working condition
  • Guaranteed eligible for factory service contract.

The Wallac ViewLux is an ultra high throughput microplate imager for high sensitivity and fast measurement of light from fluorescence polarization (FP), fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), luminescence and absorbance assays.

The facility to detect both TRF and FP means that, with the same instrument, laboratories engaged in high throughput screening and drug discovery have access to the two fastest growing new detection technologies. ViewLux is the ideal tool for both high sensitivity DELFIA® or homogeneous LANCE™ and TruPoint™ assays (based on TRF) and the NEN [FP]2™ range (based on FP).

In addition to all of the commonly used non-radiometric technologies, ViewLux is also the first system with the potential for true high throughput processing of radiometric assays. By exploiting the high quantum efficiency of the latest Image FlashPlate® technology, a wide variety of homogeneous radiometric assays become easier to run and easier to miniaturize.

Because the instrument reads entire plates in one exposure, throughput is not affected by plate density. ViewLux provides today’s leading option for 1536-well plates, and will support higher density plates, when they become available. Using 1536-well plates and, for example, fluorescence intensity, ViewLux can allow throughputs in excess of 200,000 samples per hour under continuous operation. Typical processing times for fluorescence polarization assays (including plate movement and data handling) are less than 90 seconds per plate.

The Wallac ViewLux is based on sophisticated imaging technology. The detector is a Peltier-cooled CCD camera coupled to an optimized telecentric optical lens. The camera is a back illuminated CCD operating at -100º Celsius. For epi-fluorescence excitation there is an extremely powerful array of flash-lamps together with high-quality optics.

The instrument supports both robot loading and batch mode operation. Up to 64 plates can be loaded for unattended operation. Users can alternate between batch and robot loading according to needs.

For protocol and plate identification, bar code readers are set to read from the short and long edges of the plate.

The ViewLux Workstation software is compatible with Windows NT. It allows full control over image acquisition and image display. Results are automatically stored in the ViewLux database and can then be exported for analysis by other applications.

Price: $39,900 USD

(sold for $500,000 new)

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.

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