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Product Details for AKTApilot

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GE Amersham AKTApilot FPLC System

AKTApilot with Control Unit is a complete sanitary, bench top, high-performance, automated liquid chromatography system with flow rates of 4-400 ml/min gradient and 800 ml/min isocratic at pressures up to 2 MPa. It has been designed for process development, process scale-up, scale-down and small scale production. The system has the capacity to purify from milligrams to tens of grams of product and is biocompatible, hygienic and sanitizable. AKTApilot meets all GLP and cGMP demands for Phase I-III in drug development and final scale production. The high level of automation is achieved through UNICORN software, which is fully compliant with FDA's requirements under 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records.

We offer an AKTApilot system, complete and subject to successful inspection.


  • AKTApilot Instrument Serial # 18117063-01120938
  • Control Unit
  • Model P-908 sample pump with sanitary designed heads and built in piston rinsing system, 4-400 ml/min, 0-2.0 MPa pressure range (20bar=20atm=29Opsi=2MPa)
  • 3 each of 4 port sanitary membrane inlet sample valves (V1, V2 & V3).
  • Model P-907 high-performance system pump with four sanitary pump heads with built in piston rinsing system in two pump modules, 4-400 ml/min binary gradient, 800 ml/min isocratic, 0-2.0MPa pressure range (20bar=20atm=290psi=2MPa), 4 port sanitary membrane inlet valve per pump module (total of 8 sanitary inlets).
  • Mixer for precision gradient formation with 5 ml Mixing Chamber.
  • Model UV-900 variable, multi-wavelength UV-Vis detector
  • Conductivity Cell
  • UV-Cell
  • Frac-950, Serial # 1261017
  • Model pH/C-900 pH & Conductivity Detector with standard sanitary designed cells.
  • 4 standard pressure sensors (sample pump, system pump, pre and post column).
  • 2 ea Air Cells/Air Sensor (sample inlet pump and pre-column).
  • Air trap with sanitary membrane air trap bypass valve (V4).
  • 3 each 4 port sanitary membrane valves for sample pump on line, waste line, over/under column bypass, one column, two column, two columns in series, reverse flow (flow direction valve V5, column valve V7, column valve V6).
  • 2 each sanitary 4 port outlet membrane valves V8 & V9 for a total of 8 fractions.
  • Column mounting manifold for up to two columns.
  • UNICORN 4.12 and Strategies software package with constant flow and pressure programming for sample loading and column packing, method wizard for easy programming and pre-programmed cleaning methods.
  • Pentium PC with XP PRO OS with LCD display, keyboard and mouse.


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