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Product Details for BD FACS Vantage System with DIVA

Category: Flow Cytometers
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   BD FACS Vantage System with DIVA
Product Information:

BD Biosciences FACS Vantage System with DIVA option.

High-performance, high-speed cell sorter

The BD FACSVantage™ SE Flow Cytometry System is the superior cell sorting instrument for the research laboratory. The SE offers high-performance, high-speed cell sorting capability, and is used throughout the global research community.

The FACSVantage SE provides:

  • Multicolor analysis and sorting
  • Flexible and modular for upgradability

This 1998 system is configured with 3 lasers and has the ability to detect up to 6 colors. Working order, has been maintained by BD on full service contract. Buyer to dismantle and remove.

6- Color FACSVantage™ SE TurboSort Plus Cell Sorting and Analysis System. This FACSVantage™ SE TurboSort Plus is able to simultaneously analyze 6 colors immunofluorescence, 8 parameters (7 total colors, 9 total parameters).

Four way sort capable and inter laser compensation with FACSDiVa Option

The FACSDiVa Option for the FACSVantage SE transforms the familiar interface of the standard FACSVantage SE into the only completely digital flow cytometer available today.

The FACSDiVa Option takes advantage of the familiar ergonomic design and easy-to-use interface of the FACSVantage SE. With this option, you can continue to push the envelope of flow cytometric analysis and sorting technique.

We offer a system which includes:

  • BD FACS Vantage SE Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer DiVa - 1998
  • Lasers:
    • Coherent Innova 304C U/V (160mW U/V) Tube hours- 943 Head Hours - 943 - DEC 1998
    • Coherent Innova 305C 488 (new tube-May05) Tube hours - 701 Head Hours- 7822 - DEC 1998
    • Spectra Physics HeNe 127, 35mW - 2002
  • Detectors:
    • 488- FITC, PE,PE-CY5, PE-CY7, SSC
    • HeNe- APC, APC-CY7
    • U/V -Indo1-Blue, Indo1-Violet, (Hoechst dyes)
    • plus extra filters for YFP, PE-CY5.5 etc)
  • JunAir Compressor/Vacuum Pump
  • Computers
    • Mac G3
    • HP x4000
  • Two (2) 18" Flat Screen Monitors
  • Clonecyt - single cell deposition into 96 well plates
  • NesLab temperature control system (for cooling collection tubes and sample).

Call for Price

(sells for $350 - $400,000 new with DIVA)

Many options available upon request.

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


  • OPTIONAL Installation
  • OPTIONAL Training and Software Validation Services:
    • These services are customized for the needs of the client and are priced accordingly.



  • Yes, we can provide the right optional extended support package for you (i.e. on site maintenance). Ask for details and prices.
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