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Product Details for XRD Rigaku Miniflex

Category: XRD and XRF
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Product Information:

Rigaku Miniflex XRD

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is most commonly used as an identification tool. The Rigaku MiniFlex XRD is a compact system that can be transported from the laboratory to the field. This instrument features high precision and is ideal for quantitative analysis of: asbestos and free silica; cristobalite contained in concrete, determination of the phase composition of unknown crystalline and amorphous materials; determination of percent crystallinity in a polymer; and quality control of pharmaceuticals.

Features and Benefits:

  • No goniometer calibration required: The built-in goniometer is factory aligned and requires no additional calibration.
  • Self-Contained Radiation Enclosure: The radiation enclosure completely protects user from exposure and is so small it fits in a glove box.
  • Continuously Variable Slit: The Continuously variable slit maintains a constant irradiated area and improves the peak-to-background ratio over the entire 2? range of 3 - 150.
  • Powerful Data Processing Software: The Mini Flex XRPD software allows for easy profile smoothing, Ka2 removal, background subtraction, and peak search. The software package includes powerful multiple method quantitative analysis. It also enables cell refinement for identifying crystalline structure, percent crystallinity calculations and other powerful calculation tools.

We offer a 2005 Rigaku Miniflex X-Ray Powder Diffractometer in excellent condition. The XRD was originally purchased for a project but never really used to it's full potential.


  • Fully refurbished to meet factory specs
  • Tested and verified prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • RIGAKU MiniFlex XRD 2nd generation
  • Single Sample Stage
  • Cu anode X-Ray Tube (tested at 90% vs new)
  • Vertical goniometer
  • 6 position sample changer
  • Rigaku v with Library
  • Polyscience Chiller
  • Manuals
  • WARRANTY:90 Days

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