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Product Details for XRD Rigaku R-AXIS RAPID

Category: XRD and XRF
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Product Information:


X-ray Single Crystal Structure Analysis System

X-ray single crystal structure analysis is known as the easiest and most direct approach to investigating the structure of the solid state. Rigaku has marketed four-circle X-ray diffractometer systems (AFC) as a standard analysis tool in this field for many years. Rigaku has also been offering imaging-plate-mounted two-dimensional X-ray diffractometers (R-AXIS series), designed for protein structure analysis, as a high-speed data collection system for small molecules. Now, aiming primarily at small molecule single crystal structure analysis, Rigaku has developed the IP-mounted Weissenberg camera R-AXIS RAPID.

Other area detector systems typically use MoKa radiation for small molecule analysis in order to compress the diffraction data because of the limited apertures of these instruments. The cylindrical geometry of the IP in the R-AXIS RAPID extends the scanning range (2q) to 140, allowing measurement of complete data sets using CuKa radiation.

A software package unifies the equipment control and data processing functions, so even a novice can collect data for structure analysis without a detailed knowledge of crystallography. The imaging plate employed is of a type characterized by high sensitivity and low noise, so even exceedingly small crystals can be measured in a short time, thus meeting broad analytical needs from general users and professionals alike.

Features and Benefits:

  • The X-ray tube assembly and the goniometer are combined into a single unit to make intense incident X-rays obtainable.
  • The user may choose either a sealed tube or a rotating anode X-ray source, depending on the intended use and budget.
  • X goniometer permits automatic axial alignment. High-speed measurement by the screenless Weissenberg method is practicable in addition to oscillation photography.
  • A broad scanning range of -60 to 140 in the circumferential direction and 45 in the axial direction is obtained by the use of a cylindrical imaging plate. Accordingly, a complete data set suitable for publication in Acta Crystallographica C can be measured with not only MoKa but also CuKa radiation.
  • The vertical arrangement of the IP makes a compact system with good access to the sample.
  • A high-speed readout system significantly reduces the dead time.
  • The double photomultiplier system has attained a sensitivity of 1 x-ray photon/pixel and a dynamic range of 106 or more and less than 1 xray photon of read noise.

We offer a December 2001 Rigaku R-AXIS RAPID X-Ray Diffractometer in good condition. Bought from a Pfizer closure, was in operational condition when decommissioned by Pharmacia and moved to storage in Feb 2004. Can be visually (not operational mode) inspected. The Crystalograhper is available for reference.


  • Rigaku R-axis Rapid X-ray Diffractometer system
  • Goniometer heads
  • Osmic Microsource Cu X-ray system
  • Dell control computer
  • Haskris water-water chiller
  • Rigaku PDA-18 meter
  • Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream model 700
  • Oxford varibeam coldhead support stand
  • Oxford AD41 Dry Air unit (needs rebuild kit $500)
  • Oxford remote control panel for dry air unit
  • AMI model 186 LN2 Autorefill system
  • Dewar
  • Extras
    • Siemens 710 X-ray generator
    • Siemens LT controller
    • Siemens Dewar, metal transfer tube
    • 2 glass transfer tubes
    • Leica MZ6 Stereo Zoom microscope with Fostec illuminator

(sold for $351,000.00 USD)

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