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Product Details for BRUKER micrOTOF (ESI-oa-TOF)

Category: Mass Spectrometers
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Photo:   BRUKER micrOTOF (ESI-oa-TOF)
Product Information:


The powerful benchtop ESI-TOF MS

The micrOTOF™ provides powerful exact mass measurements in an easy-to-use benchtop package. Featuring excellent mass resolution and mass accuracy in combination with true isotopic pattern, micrOTOF is the perfect choice for straight-forward formula determination of small molecules, quality control of intact proteins, and metabolic studies.

Was introduced in 2003 and has quickly become the preferred high-performance choice for customers performing demanding research in drug development, metabonomics, discovery of peptide biomarkers, combichem analysis, etc. with robust, compact bench-top ESI-TOF systems.

The microTOF system achieves 10,000 FWHM (exceeding 15,000 FWHM with micrOTOF focus) and robust 3 ppm mass accuracy in combination with true isotope pattern without resorting to so-called W-reflection, during which typically more than 70% of the ions to be measured are lost, compared to normal V-reflection operation. Such an ion signal loss to gain resolution is unacceptable for most customers and applications.

Performance Features

The state-of-the art digitizer technology of the micrOTOF enables not only the accurate mass determination over a wide dynamic range but also results in the detection of true isotope patterns independent of molecular mass and sample amount. micrOTOF shows an excellent stability of the mass measurement over a wide dynamic range even with external calibration only.

With an acquisition rate of 20 spectra per second over the full standard mass range from 20 m/z to 3,000 m/z even fast dynamic CE applications are accessible. Plus: Even during the fastest data acquisition, full real-time processing includes peak picking, profile-to-line spectra conversion and automatic recalibration.

The Results

The GenerateFormula tool lists and rates possible formulas consistent with the mass measurement. Comparing the entire experimental true isotope pattern with a theoretical profile further validates the elemental composition.

The Options

Bruker Daltonics’ micrOTOF is fully integrated into our Life-Science product portfolio. The Compass™ software suite connects the micrOTOF with the tools HyStar, DataAnalysis, QuantAnalysis, MetaboliteTools, and BioTools. HyStar chromatography software supports a great variety of autosamplers and HPLC systems, seamlessly linking the micrOTOF sample and data flow.


The formula machine

With the micrOTOF, straight-forward formula determination and confirmation is only a mouse-click away. The GenerateFormula tool lists and rates possible formulas consistent with the mass measurement. Furthermore, the true isotopic pattern (TIP) is used for significantly increased specificity: If the given mass accuracy leads to multiple possible answers, the TIP adds a second dimension to the analysis, since most wrong hits can be excluded due to differences in the isotopic patterns.

Metabolic Profiler

The micrOTOF is the core of the Metabolic Profiler solution for metabolism studies and analysis of complex mixtures.

Analysis of intact proteins and other large molecules The sensitive detection and accurate mass determination of intact proteins is a challenge readily answered by the micrOTOF. Isotopically resolved spectra are obtained up to a mass of about 15 kDa, and modifications and complex formation can be investigated.

Fast LC/MS and CE/MS

Solve your analytical problem by combining speed with high resolution and mass accuracy: Fast data acquisition and our grounded needle concept give easy access to fast chromatographic and CE applications. Full real-time processing includes peak picking, profile-to-line spectra conversion, automatic recalibration and data reduction.

Technical Data

Sophisticated micrOTOF technology

  • World-leading combination of mass accuracy, resolution, and sensitivity
  • Detection of ions with True Isotopic Pattern (TIP™) and Sigma Fit™
  • Automated determination of elemental composition, the “formula finder”

Footprint Size (w x d x h): 695 x 640 x 1240 mm, weight 130 kg

TOF Analytical Performance

  • Standard mass range 50 – 3,000 m/z
  • Extended mass range 50 – 20,000 m/z
  • Mass resolution >10,000 FWHM in standard configuration and >15,000 FWHM with micrOTOF focus
  • Mass accuracy of 3 ppm (RMS) error with internal calibration
  • Mass accuracy of 5 ppm (RMS) error with external calibration
  • Acquisition rate of 20 Hz (full mass range profile mass spectra to hard disk)
  • Polarity switching for both, positive and negative ions
  • TOF repetition rate: 10 - 20 kHz

We offer a complete 2003 system always maintained under factory service contract and available for inspection. Last date PMd by factory service engineer was 01/03/2008. Currently operational.


  • Decommissioned by factory
  • Certified eligible for service contract by factory
  • Ion Source options:
    • ESI orthogonal electrospray source (1µl –1 ml/min)
    • Online NanoElectrospray source for capillary LC applications, flow down to 50 nL/min
  • Compass™ software environment
    • Compass 1.1 Software/ Manuals (P/N 234650)
    • Hystar 1.1 (Installed)
    • Provides integrated LC/MS control and data processing
  • Additional Software Options
    • Biotools 2.2 User Manual/ Disk (P/N 216941)
    • MicrOTOF 1.1 Software/ Manuals (P/N 229393)
    • Emergency Recovery Disk mTOF Win2000, for Windows 2000/Service pack2, All Drivers, Computer XW6000 (P/N 220973)
    • Backup copy of Bruker micrOTOF Operator Manual
  • Data System
    • Hp Computer Workstation xw6000BM, Intel(R) Xe0 n™ CPU 2.4GHz. AT/AT Compatible. 1G RAM. (P/N AA302AV#AK6)
    • O/S Windows 2000Professional1-2CPU
    • Hp1825 flat panel 18” Monitor, pivot-enabled

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