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Product Details for Thermo ANTARIS II FT-NIR Analyzer

Category: Mass Spectrometers
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Photo:   Thermo ANTARIS II FT-NIR Analyzer
Product Information:

Thermo ANTARIS II FT-NIR Analyzer

The AntarisTM II FT-NIR analyzer solves industrial quality problems by providing timely measurements in the lab, at production point-of-use, or in real-time processes on a common near-infrared platform. The Antaris provides method, procedure, and platform transferability of analytical quality control along the product development and scale-up process.

The AntarisTM II system is the next evolution of the first, dedicated FT-NIR analyzer designed specifically for use in the industrial environments of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and polymer industries.

The Standard for NIR Analyzer Design

The Antaris FT-NIR analyzer continues to set the standard for the design and manufacture of full-range, near infrared analyzers. Antaris sets the standard by including:

  • High performance combined with rugged design
  • Reproducibility regardless of configuration, user, or environment
  • Regulatory traceability incorporated into every element of design
  • Suitable platform for every point in the NIR lifecycle (e.g. facilitating method development, deployment, transfer, and routine operation)

Selecting the correct sampling tool is crucial in solving sample analysis that were traditional performed by wet-chemistry techniques.The Antaris II Method Development System (MDS) provides a simple solution. The MDS contains all the tools needed to analyze solids, liquids, powders, pastes, and tablets.

The MDS is ideal for method development as it provides the best sampling technique for the analysis at hand. The MDS also offers everything needed to run any sample, without reconfiguring the analyzer or changing accessories:

  • Integrating sphere module for diffuse reflectance sampling of solids, paste, and gels
  • Automated transmission sampling of liquids and films
  • Fiber optic sampling with the SabIR™ probe for almost any sample matrix
  • Optional Tablet Analyzer module Antaris II Dedicated Analyzers for the analysis of tablets and softgel capsules

We offer a November 2006 Thermo ANTARAS II FT-NIR in excellent condition and just off manufacturer’s lease. Well maintained and serviced by Thermo engineers.


  • Antaris II custom configurable System
  • Antaris II Intergr Sphere Module
  • Antaris II Blank Fiber Optic Module Cov
  • Antaris II Blank Cover Transmission Mod
  • Antaris II Language Kit English
  • Power Cord Nam 2.5m 10A NM5- L
  • Val/Pro Antaris Instal Qual Dom
  • Refl/Std KTA-1920X NIST Trce*L
  • Antaris MultiPro Adjustable Tab Wheel
  • MultiPro AutoSampler Opaque TB
  • Result NIR Suite 3 w/TQ VAL/PRO*L

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