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Product Details for Finnigan LTQ LINEAR ION TRAP MSn

Category: Ion Traps
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   Finnigan LTQ LINEAR ION TRAP MSn
Product Information:


The Finnigan LTQ is a high precision linear ion trap mass spectrometer that delivers unparalleled sensitivity and fast scanning. LTQ stands for Linear Trap Quadrupole. Linear ion traps use a set of quadrupole rods to confine ions radially and a static electrical potential on end electrodes to confine the ions axially. The linear form of the trap can be used as a selective mass filter, or as an actual trap by creating a potential well for the ions along the axis of the electrodes. Advantages of the linear trap design are increased ion storage capacity, faster scan times, and simplicity of construction.


  • Unparalleled Sensitivity
  • Universal Ion Max Source
  • Dual Detectors
  • Increased Scan Speed
  • Advanced Data Dependent Suite

The Finnigan LTQ is the latest innovation in the well-established Finnigan ion trap mass spectrometers. Based on novel design features including a hyperbolic segmented linear ion trap, dual detectors, radial ion ejection, and state-of-the-art electronics, the Finnigan LTQ redefines performance. The culmination of these features enables more experiments, leading to greater coverage on less sample in less time.

The Finnigan LTQ incorporates the rugged Ion Max™ source, allowing simple toolless switching of ionization probes. The exceptional ion transmission achieved with the Ion Max source, combined with the increased ion storage capacity of the linear ion trap, novel ion ejection and detection technology, makes the Finnigan LTQ one of the most sensitive LC/MSn instrument available today.

Unrivaled sensitivity and fast scanning serve to maximize the power of the advanced Data Dependent™ suite within the cross platform data acquisition software, Xcalibur.® These technology improvements deliver the performance and easy-to-use features that accelerate the identification and quantification of analytes at low levels in applications such as proteomics, metabolism, and environmental studies.

We offer a complete late 2005 Thermo LTQ Linear Ion Trap in excellent condition. The service contract is with Thermo. A recent PM was performed May 21, 2008. At that time all devices were calibrated successfully. All diagnostic tests passed. The Edwards e2m30 vacuum pump was replaced. Service reports are available upon request. The system is currently online and is available for inspection.

Mass Range: m/z 50 – 2000.

Scan Power: MSn, for n = 1 through 10


  • LTQ Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer Data System
  • Xcalibur processing and instrument control software v2.0
  • Bioworks 3.1 Software
  • LCQUAN™ quantification package
  • Microsoft® Office XP software package
  • MicrosoftWindows® XP operating system
  • High-performance PC with Intel® Pentium® 4 microprocessor
  • Dell, 1905FP, 21” High-resolution LCD color Monitor
  • Ion Max API Source
  • Edwards e2m30 vacuum pump
  • Agilent HP 1100 Series HPLC System
    • Standard Vial AutoSampler
    • Thermostatted Column
    • Variable Wavelength Detector
  • Kit Jet Direct Ethernet Control for HP 1100 HPLC

Call for Price. Sold As Is, subject to successful inspection.

(sold for $292,734.00 new)

Does not include any applicable factory software license transfer fees.

Does not include LC pump.

Does not include any consumables or chemicals.

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