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Product Details for BRUKER ULTRAFLEX TOF/TOF 200 MALDI-TOF Tandem MS

Category: MALDI-TOFs
Price: Call for price.
Product Information:


223200 ClinProt EXPERT Package:

We offer a 2005 Turnkey system for Biomarker discovery and identification in excellent condition. Last serviced with successful PM preventative maintenance performed by Bruker May 2008. Checked laser and ran qualifying specifications.

Includes the following items bundled:

  • ultraflex™ TOF/TOF200 MALDI-TOF Tandem MS System, 200 Hz solid state laser; P/N 240420
  • ClinProt Robot; P/N 223022
  • ClinProTools, one licence; P/N 222678
  • ClinProt Beads (for 1,000 samples each): MB-HIC 8, MB-IMAC-Cu, MB-WCX, MB-IMAC-Fe, MB-HIC 3, MB-HIC 18
  • Biotools 2.2, P/N 216941
  • RapiDenovo, P/N 217032
  • Additional PC for off line analysis; P/N 221975

ultraflex™ TOF/TOF200 MALDI-TOF System

Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer with following configuration:

  • Linear TOF analyzer for both positive and negative ions
  • High sensitivity, fast MCP-Gating detector system with matrix suppression
  • 200 Hz Solid State Nd:YAG Laser including variable power attenuator and UV optics
  • scout™MTP Microtiter Plate ion source
  • Large area target (12cm x 8cm) with exact dimensions of microtiter plate;
  • Gridless design of ion source with extended Pulsed Ion Extraction (PAN™)

scout™MTP Target Kit

  • Automatic vacuum lock for sample introduction
  • Simple mouse controlled precise X-Y target positioning
  • High resolution magnifying observation optics with display on PC monitor
  • Ultra-Stable power supplies for TOF analyzer, detector and ion source

Integrated pumping system including vacuum measurement and control unit:

  • 2x300 l/sec turbomolecular pump including fore-pump

Gridless ion reflectron for increased mass resolution and accuracy with PAN™ operation

  • Independent reflector power supply with high-precision DACs
  • Includes ion reflectron electronics
  • Includes second high performance MCP detector and power supplies

TOF/TOF Tandem MS-Module

  • Metastable Dissociation Capability with seamless acquisition of single-step metastable MS/MS spectra; increased detection for low-mass fragments (e.g. immonium ions);
  • High-energy CID (Collision-Induced Dissociation) Capability; includes gas inlet valve/CID interface to ion source; flushing capability for fast exchange of collision gas; for analysis of complementary high-energy fragments (e. g. d-ions).
  • High-resolution Parent Ion Preselector for true MS/MS.
  • LIFT™ Cell and Stage for single-scan TOF/TOF Acceleration:
  • high-energy, high-sensitivity fragment acceleration for 2nd TOF stage;
    • Includes rapid LIFT high voltage electronics and switch.
    • Software for tandem-TOF operation;
  • Data System and Software:
    • 2 GHz Digitizer plug-in card
    • HP Workstation / Windows™ 2000
    • >2GHz dual-Xeon-processor
    • 1 GByte RAM, 80 GByte hard disk, 1.44 MByte floppy drive, CD-RW drive,
    • DVD-ROM drive, 1x Ethernet connection for external networks,
    • 18” HP LCD-Display;
    • Compass Mass spectrometry software FlexControl and FlexAnalysis for analysis in a networked multi-user environment
    • AutoXecute with fuzzy-logic optimization for automated acquisition Laser printer

Remote Service capability via 128-bit SSL-security WEBEX or optional via ISDN

ClinProt Robot (Magnetic Bead Handling station):

Prep station for fractionation and purification, based on map II/pure.


  • Safety box (#28164)
  • HP Workstation /
    • Windows™ 2000
    • >2.0 GHz single-Pentium processor
    • 1 GByte RAM, 80 GByte HDD, CD-RW, DVD-ROM
    • 18" HP LCD-Display
    • MS-Excel.
  • Software Package ClinProTools 1.0.
    • Processing and post-processing stand-alone software for biomarker detection and idetification;
    • Powerful visualization tools for evaluation of “control” and “modified” groups
    • Includes statistical modeling to illustrate candidate markers

Biotools 2.2 software

  • Supports processed spectra and/or peak picking results from FLEX™ series of MALDI-TOF and -TOF/TOF mass spectrometers, orthogonal ESI-TOF and ESI-Q-q-TOF systems, ESI-ion trap systems, and APEX™ series of FTMS systems. Communication and File Import/Export of XMASS and Flex Analysis™ spectra, FAST™ and LIFT™ (post-source decay) spectra, LC ESI-MS/MS deconvoluted and non deconvoluted profile spectra from Bruker systems, GPMAW Sequence Files (unmodified amino acids only), and clipboard support for spectra and data.
  • Annotation of spectra and sequence data to visualize and score the match between MS/MS spectra and the sequence.
  • Automatic generation of sequence tags for database searches. Internet library searches are fully integrated in the software using EMBL PeptideSearch and MASCOT (peptide fingerprint and MS/MS). WARP (TM) support for TOF and TOF/TOF. Combined MS + multi MS/MS search and reporting; CAF support.
  • Requires Windows NT (4.0 with Service pack 3, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater) or Windows 2000 with Pentium III CPU or higher, minimum 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 80 GByte hard disk or larger, graphic resolution 1024 * 768 pixel with 256 colors or better, 3.5” Floppy Drive with 1.44 MB capacity, CD-ROM Drive (4x or greater), 1x Ethernet connection for external networks, (Computer not included)

RapiDenovo 2.2

  • SW module for biotools 2.2 SW package
  • Requires biotools2.2 licence.

Sold As is. Subject to inspection and verification of description.

Call for Price

Consumables such as pump oil, filters and targets are not included.

Does not include any applicable factory software license transfer fees.

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