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Product Details for ABI 431A - SALE

Category: Peptide Synthesizers
Price: Call for price.
Photo:   ABI 431A - SALE
Product Information:

Applied Biosystems Model 431A Peptide Synthesizer.

The Model 431A peptide synthesizer does not come with feedback monitoring or a Macintosh computer but can be upgraded with an optional feedback-monitoring kit. The 431A and 433A systems allow installation of three different-sized reaction vessels for synthesizing anywhere from 0.1 millimole to 1.0 millimole of peptide. Up to 50 amino acid-containing vials can be loaded into the monomer selection rack, with bar codes on the vials that are read by the machine to ensure that each amino acid synchs with the one called for in the program.

Complete system includes:

  • One Reaction Vessel available from Blue Lion Biotech current stock.
  • We perform a full Rebuild with Operators Manual:
    • We rebuild all valve blocks, the vacuum system, the vortex, the cartridge handling system and the bar code reader.
    • We replace the back up battery.
    • We inspect all tubing, fittings and bottle caps and replace any that are in need of replacement.
    • We test all Angar valves and the manual valves and replace as necessary.
    • We inspect and repair / replace as necessary the tubing and connections to the reaction vessel.
    • We add check valves to the vacuum lines if they are not there.
    • We replace all inline filters. We replace the 4 liter bottle cap gaskets.
    • We perform all self tests after the rebuild. This tests the electronics, valves, memory battery and cartridge handler.
    • We perform a set of tests we have designed to validate all plumbing for gas and liquid. We perform all flow rate tests and the start up pressure tests.
    • We run a short mock synthesis to verify that all of the hardware functions as expected.
  • Warranty period: 90 days parts and Technical/phone Support.
  • Guaranteed eligible for a Blue Lion Biotech service contract.

Call Blue Lion Biotech or email for Price.

Many options available upon request.

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


  • OPTIONAL Start up Kit
  • OPTIONAL Upgrade 431 to talk to a computer
  • OPTIONAL UV Detector Upgrade
  • OPTIONAL Installation and Training



  • Yes, we can provide optional extended support packages for you (i.e. on site maintenance).
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