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Product Details for LABORATORY MICROSCOPES - LW Scientific M2 Series NEW

Category: Microscopes
Price: $1,499.00
Photo:   LABORATORY MICROSCOPES - LW Scientific M2 Series NEW
Product Information:

The M2 modular series LabScopes

Features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. The 10X/20 high-point Plan eyepieces on super-wide eyetubes offer an extremely broad field of view, with ample eye relief for users who wear eyeglasses. Infinity Plan or DIN Plan optics match quality with value within any clinic’s budget. The M2 LabScope provides comfort, durability, dependability and superior imaging for the lifetime of the laboratory. Included accessories: one 2 amp fuse, spare 12V/20W bulb, blue, green, and yellow filters, dust cover, immersion oil, manual and warranty card.


  • Binocular (Seidentopf) Head Objectives
  • Trinocular with C-mount or eye tube
  • 35mm and digital camera adapters available
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Inclined 30° (45° available), rotates 360°
  • 10X/20 high point eyepieces (10X/22 available)
  • Interpupillary distance range 50-75mm


  • Reverse quadruple nosepiece
  • Multiple ball bearing mounted


  • Infinity Plan or DIN Plan objectives
  • 4X, 10X, 40XR, 100XR (oil)
  • Anti-fungal, parfocal, parcentric, color-coded


  • Mechanical stage (160mm x 140mm)
  • Coaxial drive controls, metal rack & pinion
  • Range of traverse: 77mm x 50mm
  • Stage locking lever
  • Slow-close hydraulic slide finger
  • Dual slide holder


  • Coarse adjustment: range of 20mm
  • Fine adjustment: graduation of 2μm
  • Tension control knob


  • Koehler Illumination
  • Moveable Abbe condenser, NA 1.25
  • Dual Iris diaphragms
  • Halogen light source (12V/20W bulb)
  • Variable light adjustment: 0-20W output
  • Input 90-240V / 50-60Hz automatic switching


  • Ceramic stage, dark field condenser, phase contrast turret, polarization, 50x oil objective, heated stage, camera, etc.


  • Lifetime on materials and workmanship
  • One year on electronic components


  • Height: 16 1/2” (420mm)
  • Length: 10 5/8” (270mm)
  • Width: 7 7/8” (200mm)
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs. (9kg)


Item: M2M-B04A-DPH3

The M2 Plan Binocular Labscope is a High Performance Laboratory Microscope that features exceptional optical quality and expandability. The DIN 160 optical system offers lab-grade resolution. The 10x/20 High-Point Plan Eyepieces on extra-wide eyetubes offer an extremely broad field of view. See attached Spec Sheet for more details.


  • Laboratory Grade
  • 4-Position Nosepiece
  • 10X/20 High Point Eyepieces


  • A Lifetime Warranty / 1 year on Electronic Components


Binoc head, 4-10-40-100 DIN Plan objectives

Price: $1,499 USD



Trinoc head, 4-10-40-100 DIN Plan objectives

Price: $1,799 USD



Binoc head, 4-10-40-100 Infinity Plan objectives

Price: $2,259 USD



Trinoc head, 4-10-40-100 Infinity Plan objectives

Price: $2,659 USD

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