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Product Details for Typhoon TRIO + Variable Mode Imager

Category: Arrayers/Plate Readers
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Typhoon Trio Plus Variable Mode Imager

The Typhoon Trio Plus is the only general purpose, fill size gel and blot imager which is cap microarray imaging up to 30 bar-coded slides each in separate data files in one run with Typhoon multislide tray. Blue 488nm laser, 10u resolution. Verified and confirmed Eligible for GE service contract. 90 day warranty.

The Typhoon uses Image Quant TL software for data analysis providing compatibility and continuity with all other data generated using this software program. Typhoon Trio Plus provides three high power excitation sources with excitation lines at 633 nm for scanning storage phosphor screens and red-excited fluorescent samples, 532 nm for scanning green-excited fluorescent samples 488nm for scanning chemifluorescent samples and blue excited fluorescent samples. Simultaneous dual excitation with 532nm & 633nm for fast Cy3/Cy5 scanning can be performed. Typhoon Tri Plus includes 6 fluorescence emission filters that are automatically selected by protocol. Additional filters can be substituted and added up to a maximum of 13 in the instrument at one time. Filters are stored internally and are registered guaranteeing filter in method is filter selected for operation. Typhoon Trio Plus scanning protocols can be linked to allow automatic scanning of up to four fluorescent dyes in one sample. The Typhoon Trio Plus system has two objectives permitting the excitation source to be focused at two heights to allow optimal scanning of different thickness samples such as membranes, microplates and sandwich gels. The typhoon Trio Plus system is capable of scanning storage phosphor screens, fluorescent DNA and protein gels, chemifluorescent DNA/RNA and protein blots and chemiluminescent Western blots, all in one system. Multiple radioactive samples can be simultaneously exposed to multiple screens for rapid parallel processing and high throughput. A linear dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude on Typhoon Trio Plus permits simultaneous quantification of strong and weak signals and allows for wider latitude in exposure times. The Typhoon Trio Plus has three dichroic beamsplitters for channel separation with negligible loss of sensitivity. User selectable spatial resolution over a wide range (10,25,50,100,200,500,1000um) to fit with experimental requirements from fast pre-scans to high resolution applications.

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