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Product Details for Nicolet Almega XR Raman Spectrometer

Category: Mass Spectrometers
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Photo:   Nicolet Almega XR Raman Spectrometer
Product Information:

Thermo Nicolet Almega XR Raman Spectrometer

The Nicolet Almega XR Raman Spectrometer is a research grade dispersive Raman instrument, combining a confocal Raman microscope and a versatile macro sampling options. The highly automated and versatile system offers multiple laser options under software control for optimized sensitivity and spatial resolution. Almega XR can be configured to meet your specific requirements, from a single laser micro-Raman tool, up to the full capabilities of the classic Nicolet Almega configuration with full automation and built-in macro sampling bench.

The Almega XR offers many standard and optional features including:

  • Research optical microscope with brightfield and darkfield illumination
  • Computer controlled confocal apertures to control spatial and spectral resolution
  • Integrated lasers for simple installation and operation
  • Integrated calibration source for unattended calibration procedure
  • Automated laser and Raman alignment to insure top performance
  • Automated laser selector
  • OMNIC for Almega Software, the most productive package available.
  • Spatial resolution down to 1 micron
  • Confocal depth profiling resolution down to 2 microns
  • Spectral Resolution down to 2 cm-1
  • One-click automated grating and laser blocking filter selection
  • Computer controlled stages and spectral acquisition software

2004 Thermo Nicolet Almega XR Raman Spectrometer includes:

  • Spectrometer mainframe
  • Automated confocal aperture and alignment optics
  • Integrated and automated calibration source
  • Optical/Raman microscope
  • Brightfield/Darkfield reflective light illumination
  • Automated laser attenuation filter wheel with 11 filters
  • Manual nosepiece
  • 10x Objective
  • English Language Kit
  • Macro Sampling Spectrometer Frame
  • Microscope Enclosure Module
  • Manual Stage for Nicolet Almega
  • Tri-Noc Viewer
  • Single Laser Kit
  • Supports single laser systems only
  • Almega XR 780nm NIR Laser Module
  • Rayleigh Rejection Filter for 780 nm (stokes shift)
  • Dual Grating For 785 or 780 Option
  • Analytical OMNIC for Almega version 6.3
  • Power Cord, North American 120v,3 Conductor
  • 50x Objective
  • 180 Degree Refractive Backscatter Configuration

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