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Product Details for LiCOR 4300 DNA Analysis System - Never Used!

Category: DNA Sequencers
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LI-COR 4300 DNA Analysis System

For the professional, student, or faculty researcher, the 4300 DNA Analysis System from LI-COR will accelerate your research and improve the quality of your data. High confidence in more precise data is the edge that researchers using LI-COR DNA analysis systems have had for more than 10 years.

DNA Sequencing Introduction

Since their introduction more than 10 years ago, LI-COR infrared DNA sequencers have been characterized by very long reads with high accuracy. LI-COR's latest systems deliver 1000 - 1200 bp per sample (model 4300L) or 800 bp per sample (model 4300S) with 99% accuracy*.

But long reads are only part of the the story. Protocols like Simultaneous Bi-directional Sequencing (SBS™) make DNA sequencing easier by cutting your workload and reducing reagent expense by 50%. Bi-directional reactions include both forward and reverse primers and produce over 1000 bases (model 4300L) from each end of a template.

The 4300 DNA analyzer includes basic sequencing software that is operated from a standard Internet browser. The basic sequencing software is designed to meet the needs of users who have an occasional need for DNA sequencing. For moderate to high sequencing demands, or just greater ease of use, LI-COR's e-Seq software gives you a higher level of automation, strong editing tools, and automated reporting that exports files to standard databases or submits files for BLAST searches.

e-Seq™ Software

e-Seq is LI-COR's Windows-based DNA sequencing software that maximizes both connectivity and sequencing automation. e-Seq controls electrophoresis, sequences electrophoresis image files, produces reports for database submission, and makes it easy to connect the 4300 System to your network.

We offer an August 2006 LiCor 4300- Never Been Used!

You'll need a computer to go with it. The computer will need two ethernet cards, but otherwise we have everything hardware and software-wise.


  • AlignIR Software
  • e_Seq, Software version 3.0.10
  • Software manuals
  • Cables
  • Sold Guaranteed Working
  • Equipment manuals

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