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Category: Mass Spectrometers
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The robust, powerful and cost-effective system is ideally suited for general proteomics and metabolism applications, offering a superior alternative to Q-TOF systems. Featuring high resolution and excellent accurate mass capabilities, this hybrid LC-MS system achieves high throughput label-free profiling for differential expression. Its MSn capability makes the instrument ideal for small molecule characterization and structural elucidation. The LTQ Orbitrap Discovery is a highly sensitive system with up to 30K resolving power and fast scan rate, enabling the separation of trace level, isobaric analytes.

The LTQ Orbitrap Discovery mass spectrometer is a hybrid system combining the LTQ XL linear ion trap mass spectrometer and the Orbitrap mass analyzer. Ions generated in the API ion source are trapped in the LTQ XL. Once trapped in the LTQ XL, the ions are analyzed using the MS and MSn scan modes. Then, the ions are axially ejected from the LTQ XL and collected in a C-shaped ion trap (CTrap) from which they are passed into the Orbitrap mass analyzer. The ions transferred from the C-Trap are captured by rapidly increasing the voltage on the center electrode of the Orbitrap. The trapped ions assume circular trajectories around the center electrode and their axial oscillations, along the center electrode, are detected.

We offer a complete 2008 Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Discovery System in excellent condition. Unit is just off lease and had very little use. Recently serviced by Thermo. Certified in good working order by Thermo factory service.


  • Decommissioned by factory
  • Certified in Good Working Condition by Factory
  • Certified eligible for standard maintenance from the OEM
  • LTQ Orbitrap Discovery
  • ESI Bundle, Probe for Ion Max Source
  • Dynamic Nano-Spray Probe with Source Mount
  • ION MAX Nano-Spray II Source
  • Peaks Studio 4.2 Software
  • Metworks 1.0 Software
  • Mass Frontier 5.0 Software
  • BioWorks 3.3.1 SPI, Indentification Software
  • SIEVE 1.1.0, Software, Compare two datasets to each other
  • NESLAB Recirculating Chiller
  • Computer and Data Acquisition
  • Turbo Pumps
  • Rotary-vane Pumps

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