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Product Details for Nicolet iN 10 FT-IR - Just off Lease

Category: Mass Spectrometers
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Photo:   Nicolet iN 10 FT-IR - Just off Lease
Product Information:

Nicolet* iN 10 FT-IR Infrared Microscope- Just off Lease!

Thermo Scientific* Nicolet* iN*10 Infrared Microscope sets the benchmark for modern, productive and cost-effective infrared microanalysis.

The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 is an intuitive, innovative and integrated infrared microscope that provides the simplicity of an FT-IR spectrometer with the ability to measure samples down to a few microns. Equipped with tools to streamline the infrared microanalysis workflow, the Nicolet iN10 microscope provides answers with the degree of confidence required by modern analytical laboratories. The efficient optical design of the integrated Nicolet iN10 and a novel approach to instrument operation provides users of all skill levels greater access to the valuable technique.

Analyze Particles Smaller than 10 Microns

The included optional liquid nitrogen-cooled MCT detector enables you to measure particles or sections smaller than 10 microns. Using the motorized stage option, and OMNIC Picta software gives you top speed, spatial resolution and sensitivity for challenging samples. This configuration is the preferred choice for busy labs running several larger samples every day.

The germanium Slide-On Micro-Tip ATR accessory expands the analytical capabilities of the Nicolet iN10 microscope to many types of samples including:

  • Trace evidence
  • Coating, fibers and particles
  • Cross sections embedded in resin
  • Paper documents (ink analysis)
  • Particles in recessed areas

This ATR’s germanium crystal is multi-coated to guarantee a minimum throughput of 50% and it has a robust design to allow surveys while in contact with the sample, as well as a practical slide mount for ease of cleaning. The precise and robust mechanism guarantees perfect repositioning of the crystal. The micro tip of 350 μm diameter offers a perfect balance between small contact area and high durability.

We offer a December 2012 Nicolet iN FT-IR Microscope. Less than one year old. Just off lease, factory certified, and in excellent condition.


  • Fully refurbished to meet or exceed factory specs when new
  • Tested and verified by Factory prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • Nicolet iN FT-IR
  • 2” x 5” High Precision Motorized Stage w/ Quick release Locking System
  • Nicolet iN10 English Language Kit
  • Slide On Ge Micro Tip ATR 350
  • Cooled Detector MCT-A Option
  • OMNIC 8 Macros/Basic


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