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Category: DNA/RNA Synthesizers
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a brand new 48 column rotor synthesizer that dramatically improves performance: quality, speed and cost!

Together, Blue Lion Biotech and Biolytic Lab Instruments are very excited and pleased to announce our new Dr. Oligo 48 synthesizer. We have officially obtained a worldwide exclusive license to use the technology in the ABI 3900 synthesizer. This means we have taken this technology and blended it with our own brand of innovation and modern accessibility. The Dr. Oligo 48 boasts superior hardware functionality ensuring an efficient synthesis. It also comes complete with reimagined software that gives users agile control at their fingertips.

We are also excited to announce that our very popular optional small valve delivery system will be available on the Dr. Oligo 48. Our optional small valve delivery system reduces the amount of expensive specials that are wasted compared with using conventional valves.

Key features include four drain stations to increase speed, slow drain system for fine control over reagents, optional bottle and bottle cap configurations and for your convenience, an updated lid with a pneumatic clamping system seals the chamber replacing the outdated screw knobs.


  • New windows software with many new features including shared reagents allowing for the use or up to 10 special amidites and 2 different Oxidizers.
  • 4 drain stations (original has 2) This allows the system to synthesize much faster (reduce cycle time) for 4 banks of oligos. All 4 banks receive reagent at the same time and then all 4 banks can drain at the same time. The original system delivers to 2 banks and then reacts and drains those 2 banks then the other 2 banks get reagent and then they react and drain.
  • New slow drain system allows for fine control over reagent movement through the columns. Includes 3 slow drain rates per bank. This reduces reagent consumption.
  • Flood control system that eliminates the ability for reagents spilt in the bowl to get into the transmission and motor.
  • Valve turn over to allow for the use of lower cost valves and eliminates leaky reagents from getting into the valve coils which have a bad effect on the valve controller.
  • Easy Pneumatic lift system that lifts the sealing plate, with a touch of a switch, for fast loading and unloading of columns. See images below showing the middle sealing plate raised and lowered.
  • Pneumatic Clamping system that seals the chamber. No need to screw knobs down to make a seal. The Chamber seal lasts a lot longer because even pressure is applied all the way around the seal.
  • New valve controller that does not burn up if a valve shorts. Communication is via a smart USB valve controller.
  • New motion controller that does not need any special PCB or card in the PC.
  • Optional bottle and bottle cap configurations. Choose from 28 mm for 450 ml bottles, clip caps, 38 mm caps for 4 liter bottles or 45 mm caps.
  • Optional Low volume small valves to reduce the reagent needed to fill the system
  • New PC and LCD monitor running Windows 8.1


Blue Lion Biotech fully understands the economic difficulties and challenges involved in today’s research environment. We support the biotech community and offer special discounts for qualifying customers. Call for details.


Call (425)-396-4441 or email Blue Lion Biotech at today for price.

We look forward to working with you.


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