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Category: Peptide Synthesizers
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CEM LIBERTY BLUE Automated Microwave Peptide Synthesizer w/ HT-12 RESIN LOADER

Microwave Peptide Synthesis Made FAST and EFFICIENT!

  • 4-minute cycle time
  • 90% solvent reduction

The Liberty Blue System is an automated microwave peptide synthesizer designed for Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis. Capable of automated synthesis of a single peptide. The standard synthesis scale is 0.005 – 5 mmol using a 30mL reaction vessel.

With 4-minute cycle times and a 90% solvent reduction, no other peptide synthesizer on the market can even come close to the performance of the Liberty Blue. Couple with that unparalleled peptide quality along with greater flexibility and improved reliability, Liberty Blue is the system of choice for all your peptide synthesis needs.

The Liberty Blue system's combination of microwave peptide synthesis along with rapid liquid handling offers several advantages over conventional synthesis conditions including:

  • Shorter reactions resulting in only 4-minute cycle timesHigher purity peptides than conventional synthesis
  • Use of standard, inexpensive peptide synthesis reagents
  • Synthesis of peptides impossible to synthesize under conventional conditions
  • License included allowing the use of microwave energy for both the coupling and deprotection steps
  • We offer a complete October 2014 CEM Liberty Blue Microwave Peptide Synthesizer.

    This system contains 20 ports standard for amino acids. 7 additional unusual amino acid ports, and 4 external ports for other reagents. All reagent deliveries are controlled by nitrogen pressure. Amino acid, activator, and activator base are delivered with the Flex-Add technology allowing for precise and accurate delivery. This configuration incorporates the HT-12 Resin Loader, allowing the system to synthesize up to 12 peptides sequentially.


    • Standard maintenance cycle performed followed by emptying all chemicals prior to shipment
    • 925608 Liberty Blue Peptide Synthesis System
    • HT-12 Resin Loader allowing up to 12 peptides sequentially

    (sold for $101,000.00 new)


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