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Product Details for AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600

Category: MALDI-TOFs
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Photo:   AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600
Product Information:

AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600

  • Highest Sensitivity– In MS and MS/MS mode
  • SmartSpeed 100 Hz Acquisition – 10 ms accumulation times
  • High Resolution – ~30 000 at all speeds
  • EasyMassTM Accuracy – ~1 ppm RMS
  • Linear Dynamic Range – ~ 4 orders
  • Reliability

The TripleTOF 5600 System, manufactured by AB SCIEX, is a time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer that offers mass analysis for a variety of applications. Numerous characteristics combine to produce both comprehensive and fast analysis from this instrument. Namely, it combines the resolution power and mass accuracy (MMA) expected in a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with the high spectral acquisition rate of TOF mass spectrometers. As a TOF mass spectrometer, this instrument gathers molecular mass data based on the velocity of the fragments. As ions are accelerated, they achieve a predictable velocity dependent on mass-to-charge ratio, thus determining their identity. This technique delivers an LC/MS/MS performance that gives comprehensive and qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution workflows. This high resolution, providing extremely low limits of quantitation, is delivered with rapid speed.

The TripleTOF offers a number of advantages over standard triple quad systems. Chief among these is the ability to combine data-independent acquisition with targeted quantification. Data dependent strategies often do not work fast enough for such applications and are biased towards the most intense ions. For this instrument, the Q1 quadrupole is stepped in 25 amu windows across the mass range of interest. Upon passing these windows, ions are fragmented and analyzed. As a data independent method, the instrument gathers fragmentation data for all ions, meaning data is gathered even for non-target ions. Ions are isolated in a collision cell prior to measurement, which compiles a much richer data file. High-resolution extracted ion chromatograms (XICs) are collected for every ion, which creates high levels of detection for low-level components. The system stores ion data to a digital archive, facilitating comparisons for future investigations. This method allows for the high speed data acquisition necessary to quantify the analytes derived from complex molecules that are often valued in proteomics.

The 5600 System is built with a series of components that create and transport fragmented ions from sample molecule introduction to mass analysis. Improved TOF entrance optics facilitate the high ion transmission produced by the accelerator. These ions are produced by a Turbo V ion source, where the ionization of sample molecules is executed. Ions are guided by a second generation QJet ion guide to ensure efficient ion transfer. This guide leads molecules between ionization by the Turbo V, fragmentation in the LINAC collision cell, and to analysis. After the fragmented ions are produced, a two-stage mirror is placed to correct the spread and energy of ions in the pulser before they are to be analyzed.

The TripleTOF allows laboratories to pursue anything from discovery to data analysis. This instrument fills a valued niche between quantitative and qualitative analyses, whereas other mass spectrometers might be valuable only for specialty applications in which ultra-high speed or resolution are needed. Gaining variable speed and resolution, users have the ability to explore, qualify, and quantify a substance with this instrument. The system’s flexibility is epitomized by a variety of scans, including full scan, neutral ion scanning, and parent-ion scanning, among others.

We offer an AB Sciex 5600 Triple TOF in excellent condition. Last preventative maintenance was performed October 2015. Nothing wrong with the instrument, it's just not meeting the needs of the university lab any more.

Complete system includes:

  • AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 Triple Quadrupole-TOF
  • Dell Computer 
  • Dell Monitor
  • Keyboard & mouse    
  • Analyst Software - most recent version
  • Software licenses
  • Windows 7 Operating Software
  • Software manuals
  • Cables
  • Equipment manuals

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