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Product Details for VARIAN 820-MS ICP-MS SYSTEM

Category: ICP-MS
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Product Information:


The Varian 820-MS system features a unique Collision Reaction Interface (CRI) providing fast, flexible, interference-free analysis using simple collision and reaction gases.

The Varian 820-MS system is compact, floor-mounted inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) with full PC control of all instrument settings and compatible accessories. Features a patented 90 degree reflecting ion optics system for gigahertz sensitivity (1000 Mc/s/mg/L) and low background and interferences.

The vacuum system is fully contained within the instrument for the smallest instrument footprint.

Unique DDEM detector provides nine decades of dynamic range in an all-digital pulse design.

Fully web-integrated ICP-MS Expert software uses Varian’s worksheet concept for ease of use, rapid operator training, and commonality with other Varian, Inc. spectroscopy products.

This is a complete November 2011 instrument in good working order. At the time this system was installed, the 820 line was owned by Bruker, so this system is branded Bruker 820. It is in service now with our customer! Routine service reports upon request. It has been under a full factory service contract with PM.

This customer upgrades their testing systems every 5 years and are currently finalizing the selection of replacement equipment.  So they are using the system until that replacement has been determined and a delivery schedule set.

Comes with an automated high throughput autosampler that will free you from standing around the instrument all day inserting samples. 

Built-in, multi-channel scaler provides up to 40 channels per mass. Range of 3 to 256 amu with ‘zero blast' protection and adjustable resolution (0.5 to 1.2 amu). Mass calibration stability - 0.05 amu per day; quadrupole RF frequency - 3.0 MHz; scan speed - 2000 amu/s; quadrupole settling time - <400ěs;minimum dwell time - 200ěs. ICP-MS Expert Quality Control Protocols (QCP) can be customized to your needs. Includes compatible methods for US EPA 6020, 200.8 and 1638.

It also has CRI interference management which allows the CRI gases to be injected into the plasma resulting in an elimination of polyatomic interferences.  All the bells and whistles you will ever need.


  • Properly De-Installed
  • Verified in Good Working Condition via Varian Service Reports
  • Varian 820-MS ICP-MS Single Phase USA
  • CRI interference management which allows the CRI gases to be injected into the plasma resulting in an elimination of polyatomic interferences.
  • Varian SPS 3 High Throughput Autosampler / Sample Preparation System
  • Haskris R100 Refrigerated Water Recirculating System / Chiller w/ Air-cooled Condenser, 208/230V-1Ř-60Hz
  • Vacuum system includes two rotary (SD602 and SD302) and two V-301 turbomolecular pumps
  • Solid-state, air-cooled power supply
  • Standard all-digital ETP AF250 Discrete Dynode Electron Multiplier (DDEM)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Dell Optiplex 960 MiniTower Computer
  • 24-Inch Flat Panel LCD WUXGA Monitor
  • HP Laserjet CP3525n color printer with cable, 115V
  • Bruker ICP-MS Expert Software
  • Windows XP PRO SP2 OS


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