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Product Details for AGILENT 7700x ICP MS

Category: ICP-MS
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Photo:   AGILENT 7700x ICP MS
Product Information:


Simplifies trace metals analysis.

The Agilent 7700x is a powerful ICP-MS workhorse for most standard routine and high-matrix applications.

The 7700x is configured for routine analysis of high matrix samples, and includes HMI, pre-set plasma conditions and He mode ORS3 as standard.

With its high-temperature plasma (low oxides), matrix tolerant interface, and 9 orders dynamic range, the 7700x provides the analytical performance required in busy routine laboratories, but also retains the hardware and software flexibility to handle more advanced research applications. Many of the features expected of the highest specification ICP-MS systems are standard on the 7700x, making it suitable for most challenging analytical tasks. A range of options and accessories is available to further customize the 7700x for advanced applications, such as discrete sampling; chromatographic coupling; and analyzing organic solvents, highly corrosive acids, and more.

A unique 3rd generation collision/reaction cell is utilized in all 7700 Series instruments to remove spectral interferences that might otherwise bias results. Helium (He) mode is already established as the only reliable cell method for complex and variable samples, because it filters out all polyatomics, even unidentified ones.

He mode in the 7700 Series benefits from an innovative new ion lens and 3rd generation cell design, together delivering higher sensitivity, lower backgrounds and more effective interference removal – eliminating the need for reactive cell gases in most applications.

We offer a complete 2015 Agilent 7700x ICP-MS. This Agilent ICP-MS 7700x is barely used, is in excellent condition, and like brand new.


  • Tested and verified prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • Agilent G3281A 7700x ICP-MS
  • Agilent G3292A-80000 Chiller
  • Oil Pump
  • Computer
  • Windows 7 Operating Software
  • Agilent Mass Hunter software
  • Agilent G3286A AX3-530 AutoSampler
  • High Matrix Introduction (HMI) kit
  • Increases matrix tolerance up to 10x compared to conventional ICP-MS instruments. HMI also improves plasma robustness, virtually eliminating matrix suppression (standard on the 7700x).– a first for ICP-MS.
  • ShieldTorch System (STS)
  • The Agilent STS is a key feature of the 7700 Series. It provides effective plasma grounding, reducing and narrowing the ion energy spread – essential for optimum interference removal in He mode.
  • Octopole Reaction System (ORS3)
  • Works effectively using He mode, for simplified operation and consistent results, even in complex sample matrices.
  • Plasma RF generator
  • Electronic gas control
  • Off-axis ion lens
  • DS 402 Single, high-performance split-flow Turbo Pump
  • Single external Rotary Pump
  • Hyperbolic quadrupole
  • Electron multiplier detector
  • BASIC FAMILIARIZATION TRAINING at time of installation
  • WARRANTY: 60 Days



What do you want to analyze and at what concentrations (i.e., PPB or PPT)? 


  • 3 Days onsite application training
  • Personalized method development training
  • Hardware training


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