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Product Details for ABI 377

Category: DNA Sequencers
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Product Information:

Applied Biosystems ABI PRISM 377 DNA Sequencer.

377 is the cheapest and one of the most reliable DNA sequencers. We have 20+ units in inventory. We offer expert installation, training, and maintenance service for 377s.

An automated instrument designed for analyzing fluorescently-labeled DNA fragments by gel electrophoresis. Gel electrophoresis is the movement of charged molecules through a gel solution (such as polyacrylamide) in an electrical field. It is used to separate DNA fragments by size.

The instrument functions the same way for both sequencing and GeneScan applications. The main differences between these applications is in the preparatory chemistries used, and the type of analysis performed on the resulting data.

To use the instrument, DNA fragments labeled with up to four different fluorescent dyes are combined and loaded into one lane on a vertical slab gel made of polymerized acrylamide or acrylamide derivatives.You can load up to 96 lanes on one gel depending on the model instrument you have. The instrument is designed to accommodate different size gel plates so that the distance the sample migrates before detection can be varied. This feature permits run times and sample resolution to be optimized according to the type of analysis, either base calling (DNA sequencing), molecular sizing in base pairs, or molecular quantitation.

Once the samples are loaded, voltage is applied, causing the fragments to electrophorese through the gel and separate according to size. At the lower portion of the gel above the lower buffer chamber, the fragments pass through an area called the “read region” (see page 1-15), where a laser beam continuously scans across the gel.

The laser excites the fluorescent dyes attached to the fragments, and they emit light at a specific wavelength for each dye. The light is collected in 194, 388, or 480 channels (the 377, 377XL, or 377-96 respectively) during each scan. It is then separated according to wavelength by a spectrograph onto a cooled, charge coupled device (CCD) camera, so all four types of fluorescent emissions can be detected with one pass of the laser.

The data collection software collects the light intensities from the CCD at particular wavelength bands (software-selectable virtual filters) and stores them on the Macintosh as digital signals for processing. The collected data before it is analyzed is often referred to as raw data. The file in which the raw data is stored is referred to as a gel file. The raw data of the gel is a matrix of information from the number of channels across the gel (194, 388, or 480) in four colors, multiplied by the number of scans collected. The gel file contains an image of the data for display and the raw scan data. Gel files range in size from 20 MB to 40MB. At the end of data collection, the analysis software (ABI PRISM DNA Sequencing Analysis or ABI PRISM GeneScan Analysis software) is used to manually or automatically process, analyze, and translate the collected data into either base sequence, fragment sizing information, or relative concentrations.

This ABI 377 DNA Sequencer includes:

  • NEW laser
  • Refurbished
  • Power Mac Computer
  • Sequence Analysis Software
  • Data Collection Software
  • Front heat diplacemnt plate
  • Upper and lower buffer chambers
  • 30 Days warranty
  • Installation
  • Gauranteed eligible for Blue Lion Biotech service contract

Call Blue Lion Biotech or email for Price.

Many options available upon request.

Does not include chemicals and/or consumables.


  • OPTIONAL Training and Software Validation Services:
    • These services are customized for the needs of the client and are priced accordingly.



  • Yes, we can provide the right optional extended support package for you (i.e. on site maintenance). Ask for details and prices.
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