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Product Details for BRUKER S2 RANGER ED-XRF

Category: XRD and XRF
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Product Information:


Multi-element Analysis from Carbon (C) to Uranium (U)

Unrivalled analytical performance with XFlash Technology

The S2 RANGER performs multi-element analysis from Carbon (C) to Uranium (U) from 100% down to the ppm-level in solids, powders or liquids with little or no sample preparation. Unrivalled analytical performance is ensured by using the highest power in direct excitation geometry.

The award-winning XFlash silicon drift detector technology, now available in its new generation XFlash V5, provides best energy resolution with highest count rates. The new XFlash V5 offers a larger active detector area which results in shorter measurement times and better detection limits. This unique combination of excitation and detection power guaranties good element separation, low detection limits, highest precision and best stability.

S2 RANGER applies up to 50 watts of X-ray power directly to the sample.

This comes with the following advantages:

  • No need for moving parts such as primary optics or monochromators
  • Elements at very low concentration levels are excited
  • Higher intensity sets the stage for maximum precision

Award-winning XFlash technology

Thanks to Bruker’s outstanding XFlash detector the S2 RANGER can fully exploit the entire output of the 50 W X-ray tube and can convert this into stability and sensitivity. Owing to its Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology, the XFlash is empowered for maximum count rates and the best possible energy resolution.

Reduced to the max – S2 RANGER

The small sample chamber of our S2 RANGER has three crucial advantages:

  • Short beam path means maximum intensity at the detector
  • Fast evacuation with the integrated vacuum pump ensures high sample throughput
  • In the case of liquid samples, only the sample chamber needs to be filled with helium, thereby cutting operating costs

TouchControl™ – Easy-to-use energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (EDXRF)

S2 RANGER is performing elemental analysis in an innovative new way. Measurement jobs are quickly defined and started with minimal operator input using TouchControl™, the Bruker AXS proprietary touchscreen user interface. No training or expertise is required to achieve precise results from the very first day. The results display can be exactly tailored to your application and quality control limits are indicated by the traffic ligh colors red, yellow, and green.

The combination of the unique TouchControl™ with SPECTRA EDX provides full analytical flexibility with powerful tools. It keeps the setup of calibrations and applications as simple as possible by suggesting optimized measurement conditions. The universal calibration EQUA ALL enables you to obtain standardless results immediately.

We offer a complete 2012 BRUKER S2 RANGER ENERGY DISPERSIVE X-RAY FLUORESCENCE (ED-XRF) ANALYZER in excellent condition.


  • Fully refurbished to meet or exceed factory specs
  • Tested and verified prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • All-in-one integrated PC, printer, vacuum pump and touchscreen monitor
  • Integrated Vacuum Pump for light elements measurement
  • Easy operation - no training required
  • Manuals
  • WARRANTY: 90 Days


INSTALLATION & TRAINING is available. Ask for price.

EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACTS are available. Ask for prices.,/P>


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