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Product Details for BRUKER D4 ENDEAVOR XRD

Category: XRD and XRF
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Product Information:


A compact, automated powder XRD solution for industrial control processes and quality control. It minimizes sample cycle times.

With the D4 ENDEAVOR, the process chain from sample preparation to result is short enough to allow high sample throughput and/or quick feedback. Despite its speed, it maintains analytical flexibility. It performs qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, peak profile analysis, residual stress determination and structure solutions. It is optimal for the aluminum, cement, chemistry, geology, pharmaceutical, and pigment industries.

The D4 ENDEAVOR is easy to operate. The automation interface is clear and the sample loading is performed via a conveyor belt or robot. It is equipped with the largest sample magazine available and allows a wide variety of different samples to be loaded in a single batch. The samples can be thin, small in size or amount, irregularly shaped, environmentally-sensitive, oriented powder, or typical powder.

In addition to its proven accuracy, repeatability and reliability, the D4 ENDEAVOR retains the modularity of the family of Bruker AXS Diffraction Solutions. Innovative technologies that are used on higher-end instruments can also be incorporated into the D4 ENDEAVOR.

Combined with TOPAS analysis software, the D4 ENDEAVOR becomes a real trailblazer. In almost all cases, the analysis can run without the need for comparison to a standard sample. This avoids the weighting of the analysis by results obtained with another, sometimes arguable method. In addition, complete automation with no need for user intervention is possible with TOPAS BBQ.

We offer a complete 2012 BRUKER D4 ENDEAVOR XRD SPECTROMETER in excellent condition.


  • Fully refurbished to meet factory specs
  • Tested and verified prior to shipment
  • Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition
  • BRUKER AXS D4 Endeavor X-ray diffractometer (XRD)
  • Goniometer - High Precision, Two Circle (theta & 2theta)
  • Tube Housing
  • Mount
  • Sample Magazine - 66, 72, or 120 can be loaded and unloaded at any time
    • Dynamic scintillation counter NaI
    • Proportional counter (Ca channel) filled with Ne-CO2
    • Energy-dispersive detector SOL-XE (Li drifted Si detector)
    • Linear detector LYNXEYE, high-speed and high-count rate - Motorized IRIS for LYNXEYE
  • X-Ray Optics
  • Fixed Divergence Slit Assembly
    • DIFFRACplus
    • DIFFRAC.SUITE.EVA, version 1.4 software for evaluation
    • DIFFRAC.TOPAS version software for diffractogram analysis
    • XRD Commander
    • XRD Wizard
  • PC
  • Windows 7
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Printer
  • Vacuum pump
  • Mechanical cabinet MOVABLE ON WHEELS
  • HASKRIS External Chiller
  • Manuals
  • WARRANTY: 90 Days


INSTALLATION & TRAINING is available. Ask for price.

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