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Listing by Category: ICP-MS

Agilent 5100 VDV ICP-OES     Call for price.
AGILENT 5100 VDV ICP-OES excellent condition. Essentially this factory refurbished 5100 equivalent to a standard 5110. PC, Latest software, AVS, newer gas box as a 5100 upgrade kit, INSTALLATION, TRAINING, WARRANTY View details . . .
Agilent 710 Axial Viewed IPC-OES - NEW 2013     $78,234.00
Complete NEW 2013 Agilent 710-ES Axial ICP-OES system. Agilent Certified. Incl. pressure regulated nebulizer gas, 3 channel pump, Echelle optics, Megapixel CCD, OneNeb nebulizer, Glass cyclonic spraychamber, PExpert II Software, Computer, Heat Exchanger, View details . . .
Agilent 720 Axial ICP-OES     Call for price.
Agilent 720 Axial ICP-OES w/AGM & SPS 3 - Just Off Lease! Received Factory IQ, OQ, PM & Calibration April 6, 2015. Incl: AGM 1 Oxygen Accessory, HP Z400 workstation, Agilent software, Windows 7 Pro, Supplies, SPS 3 Sample Preparation System
 High th View details . . .
Agilent 7500ce ICP-MS- SALE!     Call for price.
Agilent 7500ce ICP-MS. Complete 2009 with < 6000 injections. under service contract the whole time w/ annual PMs. Still operational in Good working condition. 60 Days WARRANTY. View details . . .
AGILENT 7500s ICP-MS     Call for price.
AGILENT 7500s ICP-MS ORS technology makes the 7500s one of the most powerful ICP-MS available. Tested and Verified, Complete. Configured specifically for semiconductor applications, w/ PFA nebulizer, Pt interface & high-transmission ion lens. View details . . .
AGILENT 7700x ICP MS     Call for price.
Agilent 7700x ICP-MS. Simplifies trace metals analysis. For standard & high-matrix applications. Tested & verified. Incl: HMI, pre-set plasma conditions, STS, He mode ORS3, Chiller, Oil Pump, Mass Hunter SW, AutoSampler, INSTALLATION, TRAINING, WARRANTY. View details . . .
BRUKER 820 ICP MS SYSTEM     Call for price.
BRUKER 820 ICP MS SYSTEM. Complete with PM. Incl: ICP-MS Expert Software, Windows XP, OptiPlex 960 Computer, Dell 24-Inch Monitor, Haskris R100 Refrigerated Water Recirculating System, SPS3 High-throughput Autosampler, On-line Diluter. View details . . .
BRUKER Q2 ION BASIC CCD SPECTROMETER an Ultra Compact Metal Analyzer. 2012 in excellent condition. Used only a few times. Still have the original boxes. Application Package for Fe, Al, & Cu. View details . . .
Jarrell Ash IRIS ICP     Call for price.
Thermo Jarrell Ash IRIS Benchtop ICP. The IRIS Optical Emission Spectrometer is in the family of inductively coupled argon plasma optical emission spectrometers which use Echelle optics and a unique Charge Injection Device solid state detector. View details . . .
Jarrell Ash TJA 61E TRACE ICP w/PURGE     Call for SALE price.
Jarrell Ash TJA 61E Trace Axial ICP w/Purge. Complete with 25 lines. You choose the elements & we configure to your spec. Incl: Fully refurbished, Purge, AS, Computer, Software, Install, Training, 90 Days Warranty. ON SALE NOW. View details . . .
PE 6500 ICP w/ AA     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer ICP 6500 with AA. Used primarily for waste water and heavy metal analyses. Performs analyses in wavelength range of 170-190 nanometers. Complete unit sold as is. View details . . .
PE ELAN 250 ICP MS     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer Sciex Elan 250 ICP MS. an Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometer (ICP/MS) Elemental Analysis System. Included: manuals, pumps, associated equipment, and power supply/control modules. Sold as is. Call for price. View details . . .
PE ELAN 6000 ICP/MS     Call for price.
PE Elan 6000 ICP/MS. Applied for characterization of inorganic & organic materials in analysis of trace elements in water, solid waste, industrial effluent, soil, sediment & atmospheric samples. Complete: AS91 Autosampler, Computer, Software, Pump, Chille View details . . .
PE ELAN 6100 ICP-MS     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer ELAN 6100 ICP-MS. Complete system in great working condition, sold only because lab has upgraded to DRC-e model. Under a PE factory service contract & maintained for entire time it was in operation.. Incl: AS-91 Autosampler, Chiller, Software View details . . .
PE ELAN 9000 ICP-MS     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP-MS. Used to analyze metals in drinking waters, wastewaters, plant tissue extracts, & soil extracts. Complete. Guaranteed. 90 Days WARRANTY. View details . . .
PE NexION 300 ICP-MS     Call for price.
PE NexION 300 ICP-MS. Complete w/ESI in excellent condition. Fully refurbished, Guaranteed in Good Working Condition, Autosampler, Vacuum Roughing Pump, Computer, Software, Monitor, WARRANTY. View details . . .
PE Optima 2000 DV ICP     $42,000 USD
PE Optima 2000 DV ICP. Brings advanced technology to the entry level ICP market. Incl: Optima 2000DV with Cyclonic Chamber, Winlab32 Software, Computer, AS-93 Autosampler, Gemcone Nebulizer Assy, Scott Spray Chamber Assy, Water Chiller. Sold in good worki View details . . .
PE Optima 3000 Axial ICP     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer Optima 3000 Axial ICP. Includes: Axial Plasma ICP, AS 90 Autosampler, FIAS 100 Mercury Analyzer, Neslab CFT-33 Chiller & Peristaltic Pump, PC & ICP WinLab ver. 1.47 Software. Call for more information. View details . . .
PE Optima 3000 SC ICP-OES     Call for price.
PE Optima 3000 SC ICP-OES. Hardly used, virtually no hours-Like NEW! Many years life left. No burn marks from plasma, or sample residue. No rust from emission of acid fumes. Nebulizer glassware, aspirator are like new. For UV range 167-375nm analysis. View details . . .
PE OPTIMA 4300DV ICP-OES     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer Optima 4300DV ICP-OES. Complete: chiller, autosampler, computer, printer, and Winlab32 software. In great working condition. Under factory Perkin Elmer service contract, regularly serviced and maintained for the entire time it was in operatio View details . . .
PE OPTIMA 7300 DV ICP OES     Call for price.
PERKIN ELMER OPTIMA 7300DV ICP-OES. Complete automatic dual view Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer. Fully refurbished, Guaranteed. Chiller, Autosampler, Computer, WINLab 32 Software, WARRANTY. View details . . .
PERKIN ELMER SCIEX ELAN DRC II ICP-MS. Complete & Guaranteed Excellent condition. Dual detector measures both high & low-level analytes simultaneously. Refurbished, Warranty. View details . . .
SPECTRO ARCOS FHS12 ICP-OES SYSTEM. Completes a single analysis in as little as 30 seconds... fastest in its class. Refurbised, Warranty. In Excellent Condition. View details . . .
SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES (AES or plasma) SYSTEM     Call for price.
SPECTRO GENESIS ICP-OES (AES or plasma) SYSTEM. Simultaneous CCD ICP Spectrometer for Elemental Analysis in Industry and Environmental Protection. Refurbished, Warranty, Chiller. View details . . .
SPECTRO MS ICP MS SYSTEM     Call for price.
SPECTRO MS ICP-MS SYSTEM. The only ICP MS available capable of simultaneously measuring complete mass range used for inorganic mass spectrometry from 6Li to 238U w/ a permanent ion beam going to the detector. Complete in excellent condition. Warranty. View details . . .
STS Multiplex ICP ASE     Call for price.
STS Multiplex ICP ASE. Perfect for Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratories undertaking semiconductor, nanotechnology, and biotechnology research. System ran low quantity of wafers in application lab. Never in production. View details . . .
THERMO SCIENTIFIC iCAP 7600 DUO ICP-OES     Call for price.
THERMO SCIENTIFIC iCAP 7600 DUO ICP-OES SPECTROMETER in excellent condition. Refurbished. Cetac ASX 520 Autosampler, ITF900 Turbine Pump Chiller, Auto diluter, Sample introduction Kits, Qtegra ISDS Software 2.2, Argon Humidifier, WARRANTY. View details . . .
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS     Call for price.
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS. Fully refurbished, CETAC ASX-520, ThermoFlex 2500 Recirculating Water Chiller, Dell Computer System, WARRANTY: 90 Days View details . . .
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS SYSTEM     Call for price.
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS SYSTEM. World’s smallest benchtop ICP-MS. Refurbished, Guaranteed Good Working Condition, WARRANTY. Xs Interface, CCTED 3rd gen collision cell, ASX 520 Autosampler, Plasma Screen Technology. View details . . .
Varian 700 ICP/MS     Call for price.
Varian 700 ICP/MS. Can be viewed and inspected. 2002 Machine was in use 3 months before deinstall. Includes: Varian ICP-MS S700, Varian SP5 sampler, Affinity chiller, Manuals, Many parts, most of which are new. View details . . .
Varian 710-ES ICP OES     Call for price.
Varian 710-ES Series — Just off Lease! Complete 2007 system has been on FULL Varian extended parts and labor warranty for its full installation. The system was installed new in 3/2007. Includes Lytron Kodiak Chiller and SPS3 Autosampler. Call for price. View details . . .
VARIAN 820-MS ICP-MS SYSTEM     Call for price.
BRUKER / VARIAN 820-MS ICP-MS SYSTEM. Complete in good working order. Includes: SPS 3 High Throughput Autosampler, Haskris R100 Chiller, 2 rotary (SD602 and SD302) & 2 V-301 turbo molecular pumps, Solid-state, air-cooled power supply, DDEM Detector View details . . .
Varian Liberty Series II Axial ICP     Call for price.
Varian Liberty Series II Axial ICP System. Complete AES in excellent condition, fully functional & avail for inspection. PM and factory service. Incl: computer, Software, Chiller, Spectrometer, Autosampler, Torch, Spray chamber. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

Typhoon FLA9500 LASER SCANNER     Call for price.
TYPHOON FLA9500 LASER SCANNER. Variable mode laser scanner w/ modular access to the optical components, providing versatile & flexible imaging for precise quantitation of proteins, nucleic acids, & other biomolecules. WARRANTY. View details . . .
DR. OLIGO 192XLc DNA SYNTHESIZER - NEW     Call for price.
INTRODUCING THE DR. OLIGO 192XLc. 8 dispensing nozzles per reagent. Maxi # of reagent delivery positions: 37. Basic Configuration Incl. 4 standard amidites: Cap A, Cap B, ACT, 1 Wash, 1 Deblk, 1 Ox = 10 total. 27 Additional available positions. View details . . .
DR. OLIGO 192C DNA SYNTHESIZER - NEW     Call for price.
INTRODUCING THE DR. OLIGO 192c. 8 dispensing nozzles per reagent. Max # of reagent delivery positions: 16. Basic Configuration Incl. 4 standard amidites: Cap A, Cap B, ACT, 1 Wash, 1 Deblk, 1 Ox = 10 total. 6 Additional available positions. View details . . .
AGILENT 6540 Q-TOF LCMS     Call for price.
Agilent 6540 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF- in excellent working condition. Incl Dual ESI, 1260 LC, Mass Hunter Data System, INSTALLATION, BASIC FAMILIARIZATION & WARRANTY: 9 Months. View details . . .
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