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Listing by Category: GC/Other MS

Agilent 7000 QQQ Triple Quad GC/MS/MS- Like New!     Call for price.
Agilent 7000 QQQ Triple Quad GC/MS/MS-Like NEW! Good Working Condition, FACTORY CERTIFIED. Incl: G7001B – 7000 QQQ w/EI source, Mass Hunter Software, PC, & monitor, 7890 GC for MS w/ MSD interface & Split/Splitless inlet, 7693 sample tray. View details . . .
AGILENT 7890 5977A GC MSD     Call for price.
Agilent 7890/5977A GC MSD SYSTEM. Fully Refurbished,Complete & in excellent condition. Incl: 5977A MSD, 7890B GC, MassHunter and ChemStatin SW, warranty. View details . . .
Agilent GC/MSD 6890N / 5873N PERFORMANCE TURBO SYSTEM     Call for price.
Agilent GCMSD 6890N/5873N Performance Turbo System Like-NEW. Certified Good Working Condition. Fully Refurbished. Incl: 5973N GC-MSD Turbo Pump System, SW, PC, 6890N GC for 5973N MSD (UI), 7683 ALS Injection tower, 7683 Sample Tray, 90 Days WARRANTY. View details . . .
Agilent GC/MSD 7890GC / 5975B DIFFUSION PUMP SYSTEM     Call for price.
Agilent GCMSD 7890GC/5975B DIFFUSION PUMP SYSTEM. Certified in Good Working Condition. Fully Refurbished & qualified. Incl: Agilent 5975B VL MSD Demo, Software, PC, 7890A GC for MS w/SSL Inlet, 7683 ALS Injection tower, 7683 Sample Tray, 90 Days WARRANTY. View details . . .
Agilent GC/MSD 7890GC / 5975B PERFORMANCE TURBO SYSTEM     Call for price.
Agilent GCMSD 7890GC/5975B Performance Turbo System Like-NEW. Certified Good Working Condition. Fully Refurbished, qualified. Incl: 5975B MSD Performance Turbo EI Bundle, SW, PC, 7890A GC for MS w/SSL Inlet, 7683 ALS Injection tower, Sample Tray, 90 days. View details . . .
Blue Lion Biotech has many GAS CHROMATOGRAPHS (GC) available. Including, AGILENT, Varain, Zeiss, Leica, Leitz, Olympus, Nikon, Fisher, Vanguard, and more. Click the following (view details...) link for a short list. View details . . .
HP 5890 Series II GC w/7673B Autosampler     Call for price.
HP 5890 Series II GC w/7673B Autosampler. LIKE NEW. System recently removed form service and is in excellent condition. Includes: FID, Split/Splitless Injector, HPIB, 7673B AS, New Computer Chemstation SW. Refurbished, tested, 90-day warranty. View details . . .
HP 5890 w/5970B GC/MS     Call for price.
HP 5890 w/5970B GC/MS. Includes: 5890 GC, 5970B MSD, 7673A AS w/tower, tray, & controller, ALS Autoinjector/ Liquid AS, Extra J&W capillary column, ChemStation software w/smart card II, GPIB Card, Computer w/Windows 2000, Service pack 3, Refurbished. View details . . .
HP 5972 GC/MS     Call for price.
AGILENT HP 5972 GC/MS. Good condition incl: Updated HP5973 reference collection software ($4,000 value) & MSD Productivity Chem software, 5972 MSD, Edwards pumps, 5890 Series II GC, 7673 injector w/AS controller & tray, Cables, PC, AS IS. View details . . .
HP 5972 GC/MSD     Call for price.
HP 5972 GC/MSD. Tested & Fully Refurbished System incl: 5972 MSD, 5890 Series II GC, Split-Splitless Capillary Injection Port w/ EPC pneumatics, Digital Ion Gauge Controller, Computer, ChemStation Six Months Warranty, Installation. View details . . .
HP 5972 GC/MSD VOC     Call for price.
HP 5972 GC/MSD VOC. Fully Tested, Refurbished. Incl: 5972 MSD, 5890 Series II GC, Split/Splitless Capillary Injection Port w/EPC Pneumatics, Digital Ion Gauge Controller, Tekmar Concentrator & ALS 2016 AS, Bracket, HPIB, Computer, ChemStation, 6 Months Wa View details . . .
HP 5973 MSD w/ 6890 Plus GC     Call for price.
Agilent HP 5973 MSD With 6890 Plus GC. Includes: Refurbished Like New, 90 day Warranty. View details . . .
HP 5973N GC/MSD     Call for price.
HP 5973N GC/MSD System. Includes: Agilent 5973N MSD,6890 GC, Split-Splitless Capillary Injection Port with EPC, 7683C Liquid Autosampler, Ion Gauge, New Computer, ChemStation, Tested, Six Months Warranty. Installation and Training Options are Available. View details . . .
HP 5973N w/6890 GC/MSD     Call for price.
HP 5973N w/6890 GC MS. MSD: Turbo Pump, Rotary Vane Foreline Pump, Indep Heated Ion Source & Hyperbolic Quad Mass Filter, HED Electron Multiplier Detector, Heated GC/MSD Interface, LAN. 6890 GC: Single Split/Splitless Inj, HPIB, LAN. 90 Days. View details . . .
HP 5973N w/6890N MS/GC Performance Turbo NCI     Call for price.
HP 5973N/6890N MS/GC Performance Turbo NCI System. NEW IN BOX. 2004 System Includes: Agilent 5973N MSD/DS Performance Turbo NCI, High Performance Turbo Pump, Edwards Vacuum Pump, Agilent G1942N MSD-Ready 6890N Network GC, Installation, 90 Days Warranty. View details . . .
Shimadzu QP 2010 GCMS     Call for price.
Shimadzu QP 2010 GCMS. Excellent Condition! Lightly used. Incl: Autosampler, Autoinjector, Direct insertion probe, pumps, Dell Workstation, Software, NIST. Sold as is, subject to successful inspection. View details . . .
Shimadzu QP-5000 GCMS     Call for price.
Shimadzu QP-5000 GCMS. NEW and never used. Complete incl: EI Vacuum Pump, Enhanced Data Station w/GCMS Solution software, 17" monitor, AOC-20i Autoinjector Tower Unit, AOC-20s 150-Sample Carousel Acc., NIST, Vial set, etc. Sold in good working order. View details . . .
Varian 3400 Gas Chromatographs     Call for price.
Varian 3400 GC's. Custom configured for your particular application. Including FID, TSD, ECD, TCD. Valve injectors & standard liquid injectors including slpit/splitless & on column. Call with your requirements. 8200 autosamplers also available. View details . . .
Varian 3900 Star 6 GC     Call for price.
Varian 3900 Star GC. 2003 in excellent condition. Last serviced May 2007. Incl: Split/Splitless Injector, FID w/electrometer, Autoinjector, FactorFour Capillary column, Star Workstation ver 6 Software, Ethernet, manuals, Cables. View details . . .
VARIAN 450-GC HIGH PERFORMANCE GAS CHROMATOGRAPH w/ FID & TSD - Almost NEW!. In excellent condition. This Varian lab equipment was installed by a certified Varian tech and was never used, still in brand new condition. View details . . .
VARIAN CP-3380 GC with ECD     Call for price.
VARIAN CP-3380 GC with ECD, Single Channel. Complete & Certified in Good Working Condition by Factory. For basic gas chromatography applications. An affordable, fully functional system. Like the CP-3800, this entry level model features the industry’s lar View details . . .
Varian GCMS SERVICE     Call for price.
Blue Lion Biotech offers various SERVICEs for Varian GC and MS in the United States and Europe. Whether your need is a full service contract, repair, preventative maintenance or a part... Blue Lion Biotech is here to serve you. Call 425-396-4441. View details . . .
Varian Saturn 2000 w/ 3900 GC/MS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 2000 w/3900 GCMS. Fully refurbished & tested. Incl: cables, tubing, communication cards, Split/Splitless Capiliary Injector 1177, Saturn Workstation SW v 6.4, NIST Library, Chrompack Filters & Base, Computer, Monitor, DVD Burner. View details . . .
Varian Saturn 2000 w/ 3800 GC/MS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 2000 w/ 3800 GC/MS complete with SIS and MSMS. 1999 Incl: Saturn 2000 MS, 3800 GC, 8200 Autosampler, Dell GX1 Computer, Win 2000, Saturn Workstation v.5.52, Alcatel Vacum pump, cables. Mass range: 10-650 u. View details . . .
Varian Saturn 2100T Ion Trap w/3900 GC/MS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 2100T GC/MS. Excellent condition complete w/3900. Fully refurbished & tested. Incl: cables, tubing & communication cards. The 3900 and CP8410 are like new. Everything in the chassis is less than a year old. This unit is guaranteed fully fun View details . . .
Varian Saturn 2200 Ion Trap GC/MS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 2200 Ion Trap GC/MS. 2004 Incl: computer, software, manuals, Varian DS 102 roughing pump, Cables and hoses, Varian CP 3800 GC with FID detector 2200 MSD CP 8400 autosampler system, 90 day warranty. View details . . .
Varian Saturn 3400 w/9192 GC/MS/MS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 3400 w/9192 GC/MS/MS. This Mass Spec has MS/MS capability and has a mass range of 10-600 m/z. Includes: Varian 3400 Saturn Data System with computer, keyboard, manuals. Sold AS IS in current condition. View details . . .
Varian Saturn II & 3400 GCMS     Call for price.
Varian Saturn 2 & 3400 GCMS. Very little difference between a Saturn 2 & 3. We offer a complete system incl: Varian 3400 GC, Varian Saturn II w/EI, CI, MS-MS capability, Varian 8100 auto sampler, pumps, MS EXTEND (worth $1600). View details . . .
Varian Saturn III & Star 3400 CX GC/MS- Like NEW     Call for price.
Varian Star 3400 CX & Saturn 3 GC/MS. Both GC & MS are in almost New Mint Condition. Both Low Hours (~5). System was only turned on when purchased in 1995. System not tested. System acquired from Military Defense Contractor. Sold AS IS. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

PRECIOUS METAL XRF -Jewelry Analyzer - NEW     $11,998.00
PRECIOUS METAL XRF SPECTROMETER. Precision jewelry analyzer - Low cost. Delivers wide elemental coverage w/ an easy-to-learn windows based software. Non-destructively analyze all Precious Metals plus Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Etc. View details . . .
EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF - NEW     Call for price.
NEW EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF, Elemental ROHS. Small, light & portable for on-site & in-situ analysis w/ PDA/Si-PIN detector, Amplifier circuit, Case. Mineral sample analysis, Alloy, Elemental FP methods in SW, SD card reader, WARRANTY. View details . . .
NEW EDX-7 XRF ANALYZER. Na-U Sulfur Chlorine Oil LAB EDXRF. Fast, precise & non-destructive elemental testing for Labs, QA industrial, manufacturers, refineries, government quality inspection depts, banks, & tertiary institutions… View details . . .
IXRF SYSTEMS NEW COMPASS MPX BENCHTOP ED-XRF. 12 position sample wheel processes multiple samples, automated & unattended. Utilize up to 8 filters for superior background reduction & premium ppm-level detection. View details . . .
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