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Listing by Category: Flow Cytometers

Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer     Call for price.
Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer. For analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins & cells. Delivers automated, high quality digital data within 30 minutes. Offers support for on-chip flow cytometry & 21CFR part 11 compliance, in addition to the electrophoresis assays. View details . . .
BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer     Call for price.
BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer. A personal flow cytometer, easy to use, simple to maintain, and affordable. 2 lasers, 2 light scatter detectors, & 4 fluorescence detectors w/optical filters optimized for detection of fluorochromes. View details . . .
BD FACS Upgrades & Parts     Call for price.
BD FACS Analysis equipment, Upgrades, and Parts. Blue Lion Biotech has a complete offering available including FACScans, FACSCaliburs, EPICS, FACSVantage etc. Let us know the specifics of what you need/want. View details . . .
BD FACS Vantage     Call for price.
BD FACS Vantage . High-performance, high-speed cell sorter. Fully refurbished and in very good condition. Currently operational and under BD service contract. Includes installation in Bay Area and 90 Days Warranty. View details . . .
BD FACS Vantage System with DIVA     Call for price.
BD FACS Vantage w/DIVA option. 1998 Hi-performance, hi-speed cell sorter w/3 lasers & ability to detect up to 6 colors. Working order, maintained by BD on full service contract. Buyer to dismantle and remove. Install, warranty, avail. View details . . .
BD FACSCalibur     Call for price.
BD FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer. Four-color, dual-laser, benchtop system capable of both cell analysis & sorting. This system rarely used and is still in use. In good working condition. Has been maintained by BD engineers. View details . . .
BD FACSCalibur w/FACSLoader     Call for price.
BD FACSCalibur w/FACSLoader Flow Cytometer. Benchtop system capable of both cell analysis & sorting. This system rarely used and still in use. Maintained by BD engineers. Includes FACSLoader, Installation, Training, 90 Day, Guaranteed eligible for Servic View details . . .
BD FACScan     Call for price.
BD FACScan Flow Cytometer. Includes 3-color single laser unit with: 488nm Laser, 5 parameters, Refurbished, BDPac, G4 Computer, Monitor, Printer, Manual, 90 Day Warranty, Installation & Guaranteed eligible for service contract additional. View details . . .
BD FACScan Service & Support     Call for price.
Blue Lion Biotech offers Beckton Dickenson BD FACScan Service & Support Agreements. Call for details. View details . . .
BD FACSCanto 2 Capable Flow Cytometer     Call for price.
FACSCanto2 FLOW CYTOMETER Capabilities. Enjoy the capabilities of a Canto2 and the reliability/ease of operation afforded by the FACScan. Without DiVa database issues. And for a fraction of the cost! Can be configured with 2 or 3 Lasers and 8 Parameters. View details . . .
BD FACSCanto II 3 Laser Flow Cytometer     Call for price.
BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer 3 Lasers with DiVa Software. 3 Lasers, 8 color. Factory serviced and certified. Excellent Condition. Under BD Service Contract receiving a PM twice per year. View details . . .
BD FACSCanto II with DIVA & HTS     Call for price.
Becton Dickson FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer with DIVA & HTS. Gently used 6 system is just a year and a half old, in like new condition and has been very well maintained. Sold Guaranteed in Good Working Condition and Guaranteed installable by factory. View details . . .
BD FACSCanto with DIVA & HTS     Call for price.
Becton Dickson FACSCanto Flow Cytometer with DIVA & HTS. 2004 FACSCanto, 6 color, 2 laser flow cytometer. Very well maintained w/recent successful factory PM. Suited with the high-throughput upgrade allowing for 96- and 384-well microplate capability. View details . . .
BD FACSCount     Call for price.
BD FACSCount. Precise Enumeration of Absolute CD4, CD8, and CD3 T Lymphocytes. The BD FACSCount™ System is a complete, dedicated system for automatically counting CD4+, CD8+, and CD3+ T lymphocytes. Sold AS IS in current condition. View details . . .
BD FACSort     Call for price.
BD FACSort Cell Sorter Flow Cytometer. The system is in good working order. Excellent condition. Installed by Factory. View details . . .
BD FACSVantage SE w/Turbo Sort     Call for price.
FACSVantage SE TurboSort Plus Cell Sorter. 2001 in excellent condition. Under factory service. Last PM May 2008. Replaced Stream Illuminator Assy, O-rings, filters, sample tubing. QC verifes- All very acceptable. Available for inspection. View details . . .
BD LSR II Flow Cytometer, HTS, 3 Lasers, 12 Colors     Call for price.
BD Biosciences LSR II Flow Cytometer System With HTS & 3 Lasers, 12 Color. SPECIAL ORDER SYSTEM. We offer a complete 3 Laser, 12 Color System with HTS in excellent condition. View details . . .
Beckman Coulter MAXM Hematology Analyzer     Call for pirce.
Beckman Coulter MAXM Hematology Analyzer. Reliable benchtop solution for processing mid-size volume workloads. Features include 3D VCS technology, continuous autoloading and easy-to-use data management capabilities. View details . . .
CELL INSIGHT Personal Image Cytometer - ON SALE     $8,000 USD
THERMO CELL INSIGHT Personal Image Cytometer Platform With InsightONE & STORE SE - Just off lease! 2011 Complete and in excellent condition. Factory Certified. View details . . .
Coulter EPICS XL-MCL     $42,500 USD
Coulter EPICS XL-MCL Flow Cytometer w/Multi Carousel Loader. For high volume users, system offers walk away sample handling for superior efficiency with the Multi Carousel Loader (MCL). 2002 includes: Factory Rebuilt, Sold in good working order. View details . . .
Coulter FC500 MPL 2-laser, 5-color     Call for price.
Beckman Coulter Cytomics FC 500 MPL 2-laser Flow Cytometer. We offer a complete 2007 in excellent shape. Includes 2 lasers ( 488nm and 35nm), 5 fluorescence-channel load tubes or 96-well microtiterplates. View details . . .
DakoCytomation CyAn CY200     Call for price.
DakoCytomation CyAn CY200, ADP LX 7 Color No 31 Flow Cytometer. Has 9 parameters (FSC, SCC, FL1-FL7) & 488 nm and 633 nm dual lasers. Ideal for 2-7 color analysis using a combination of FITC, RPE, RPE-Cy5 or PER-CP, RPE-Texas Red, APC and APC-Cy7. View details . . .
DakoCytomation MoFlo Ultra-High Speed Cell Sorter     Call for price.
MoFlo Ultra-High Speed Cell Sorter. Configured to incl: Decommissioned by factory, certified eligible for service, Fully refurbished, Assembly /mounting for 9 colors, Smart sampler, SUMMIT workstation, 2 lasers, 6 mons warranty, Install. View details . . .
DakoCytomation NEW CyAn ADP LX 7 Color     $168,750 USD
NEW 2006 DakoCytomation CyAn CY200, ADP LX 7 Color No 31 Flow Cytometer. Has 9 parameters (FSC, SCC, FL1-FL7) & 488nm and 633nm dual lasers. Ideal for 2-7 color analysis using a combination of FITC, RPE, RPE-Cy5 or PER-CP, RPE-Texas Red, APC and APC-Cy7. View details . . .
DakoCytomation NEW CyAn ADP LX 9 Color     Call for price.
2006 DakoCytomation CyAn ADP LX 9 Color, CY201. 2006 has 11 parameters, three lasers. This model is ideal for up to 9 color analysis using FITC, RPE, RPE-Cy5 or PER-CP, RPE-Cy7, APC, APC-Cy7 & fluorescent proteins, Pacific Blue & Cascade Yellow. View details . . .
DakoCytomation NEW CyAn ADP LX 9 Color UV     Call for price.
NEW 2006 Dako CyAn 9 Color UV. 11 parameters, 488nm & UV 351nm excitation Argon laser, 633nm diode laser. Ideal for FITC, RPE, RPE-Cy5 or PER-CP, RPE-Cy7, APC, APC-Cy7 & for Calcium Flux studies req. UV excitation for Hoechst, Indo dyes or DAPI. View details . . .
Guava EasyCyte Plus Flow Cytometer- 2009     Call for price.
Guava EasyCyte Plus Flow Cytometer- 2009! Provides absolute cell counts & offers high-demand features -6 parameters (4 fluorescent colors, 2 light scatter), blue laser for access to commonly used fluorescent dyes. Complete system, guaranteed in excellent View details . . .
Guava PCA-96 Benchtop 96-Well Flow Cytometer     Call for price.
Guava PCA-96 Benchtop 96-Well Flow Cytometer in good working condition. Calibrated and fully functional. Call for price. View details . . .
GUAVA Personal Cell Analysis (PCA) Compact Cytometer     Call for price.
GUAVA Personal Cell Analysis (PCA) Compact Cytometer - We offer a Guava PCA system in excellent condition. Call for price. View details . . .
NBS NucleoCounter Mammalian Cell Counter     Call for price.
NBS NucleoCounter Mammalian Cell Counter. Accurate Mammalian Cell Counts in 60 Seconds! Compact. Directly counts individual cells & volume analyzed is approximately 2mL, or up to 10x more than manual microscopic counts. May be used as stand-alone. View details . . .
Sorvall Centritech Mammalian & Insect Cell Separation System     Call for price.
Sorvall Centritech Mammalian & Insect Cell Separation System. Floor model concentrates cells & clarifies media for purposes such as cell harvesting, cell recycling in perfusion systems & cell washing (separating live cells from dead cells and debris). Hig View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

PRECIOUS METAL XRF -Jewelry Analyzer - NEW     $11,998.00
PRECIOUS METAL XRF SPECTROMETER. Precision jewelry analyzer - Low cost. Delivers wide elemental coverage w/ an easy-to-learn windows based software. Non-destructively analyze all Precious Metals plus Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Etc. View details . . .
EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF - NEW     Call for price.
NEW EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF, Elemental ROHS. Small, light & portable for on-site & in-situ analysis w/ PDA/Si-PIN detector, Amplifier circuit, Case. Mineral sample analysis, Alloy, Elemental FP methods in SW, SD card reader, WARRANTY. View details . . .
NEW EDX-7 XRF ANALYZER. Na-U Sulfur Chlorine Oil LAB EDXRF. Fast, precise & non-destructive elemental testing for Labs, QA industrial, manufacturers, refineries, government quality inspection depts, banks, & tertiary institutions… View details . . .
IXRF SYSTEMS NEW COMPASS MPX BENCHTOP ED-XRF. 12 position sample wheel processes multiple samples, automated & unattended. Utilize up to 8 filters for superior background reduction & premium ppm-level detection. View details . . .
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