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Listing by Category: Arrayers/Plate Readers

Blue Lion Biotech has many ARRAYERS, SPOTTERS, and READERS available. Including: Affymetrix, Agilent, Cellomics, Cyphergen, GeneMachines, Genetix, Genomic Solutions, Nanogen, Packard, and more. Click the following (view details...) link for a short list. View details . . .
Axon GenePix Pro 4200A Microarrayer Scanner     Call for price.
Axon GenePix Professional 4200A MICROARRAY SCANNER. Complete in excellent condition. Like new. In original crate. Incl: Re-certified by Axon (service report available), 4 Lasers (red/yellow/green/blue lasers), Dell laptop, GenePix Pro Software. View details . . .
FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader     Call for price.
FlexStation 3 Benchtop Multi-Mode Microplate Reader. A 5-mode microplate reader that offers flexibility to address a wide spectrum of biochemical- and cell-based applications, while matching all assay throughput requirements. View details . . .
Fuji FLA 3000R Laser Fluorescence Scanner     Call for price.
Fuji FLA 3000R Laser Fluorescence Scanner. With addtnl green laser for reading CY3 or CY5. Lasers used only a few times as instrument has only been used for reading about 10 gels. Incl: FREE Melanie gel analysis software including dongle. View details . . .
Genetix Q-Bot Colony Picker     Call for price.
Genetix Q-Bot. Hi-thruput colony picker. Incl: All standard features, Gridder, Replicator, Re-arrayer, Latest software, 96 pin heads, 3-bay wash stations w/dryer, install. Sold guaranteed eligible for service contract. View details . . .
PE EnVision Xcite 2101 Multilabel Plate Reader- like New     Call for price.
PE EnVision Xcite 2101 Multilabel Plate Reader- Complete System Incl: Alpha Standard Option, 40 plate stack, Dual detector, Barcode reading feature, Verified by PE trained service engineer. The Envision with AlphaScreen is faster than the Fusion Multila. View details . . .
PE EnVision Xcite 2103 Multilabel Plate Reader- like New     Call for price.
PE EnVision Xcite Multilabel Plate Reader- late 2007 like New. Model #2103-0020. Complete System Incl: Non-radioactive Test Plate, Alpha Standard Option, Stacker, 2 Stacker magazines for 20 plates, Optimized LANCE 320 Label, Filter. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer SpotArray 24 Microarray Printing System     Call for price.
PE SpotArray 24 Microarray Printing System. 2006 system just coming off manufacturer's lease. Always maintained under PE factory service contract. Complete system with Optional Barcode Reader with Lid Lifter & Pin Lifter. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer HybARRAY 12 DNA HYBRIDIZATION SYSTEM     $2,000
Perkin Elmer HybARRAY 12 DNA HYBRIDIZATION SYSTEM. Automates washing of microarrays spotted onto glass slides. Up to 12 slides at time in pairs & runs 6 modules w/ different protocols or all arrays under same conditions. PE PRO ScanArray also avail. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer PRO ScanArray GX     $2,000
Perkin Elmer Pro ScanArray GX MICROARRAY SCANNER. Reliable 2-laser scanner for the entry-level laboratory/user. Express software makes it the perfect choice for your genomic applications. PE HybARRAY 12 DNA HYBRIDIZATION SYSTEM also avail. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer VICTOR3 Multilabel PLATE READER     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer VICTOR3 Multilabel PLATE READER. Model 1420 includes fluorescence intensity (both top and bottom reading), luminescence and absorbance (VIS) technologies. Just coming off Manufacturer's lease. Excellent condition. View details . . .
SpotBot 2 Microarrayer     Call for price.
Telechem SpotBot 2 Personal Microarrayer. 2007 w/complete system rebuild by the manufacturer incl: xyz arm & PCB boards. Excellent condition & complete w/ humidity option, current calibration files & firmware upgrades supplied by factory. View details . . .
Storm 860     Call for price.
Molecular Dynamics Storm 860 Imager. Fluorescence imager and phosphorimager for gels and membranes. System is in excellent condition, fully serviced and tested. Includes datasystem. Warranty Available. View details . . .
THERMO MULTIDROP COMBI 836 MICROPLATE DISPENSER. Includes a start-up tubing kit, fully refurbished, QA/QC documentation, telephone support, & a 6-month warranty. View details . . .
Typhoon 8600 Variable Mode Imager     Call for price.
Amersham Typhoon 8600 Variable Mode Imager. In excellent physical condition. Typhoon 8600 with 50u resolution. Verified and Eligible for GE service contract. 90 day warranty. Capable of fluorescence, storage phosphor, and chemiluminescence detection of g View details . . .
Typhoon 9400 Imaging System- MAY SALE !     AUGUST SALE $32,000
AMERSHAM TYPHOON 9400 with Ettan™ DIGE Gel Alignment Guide. 2008 in excellent condition, serviced, inspected, Certified by GE Amersham service. A high performance gel & blot imager for detection of 2D DIGE, DNA, RNA & other proteins. Good working order. View details . . .
Typhoon 9410 HI Performance Gel & Blot Imager     Call for price.
Typhoon 9410. Awesome all purpose imaging system w/resolution down to 10um. Used to read microarrays & western blots (with ECL plus). Includes: Blue 488nm laser, computer, ImageQuant software. GE Ceritifed Eligible, Installation, 90 day warranty. View details . . .
Typhoon TRIO + Variable Mode Imager     Call for price.
Typhoon TRIO Plus. The only general purpose, fill size gel & blot imager which is cap microarray imaging up to 30 bar-coded slides each in separate data files in one run with Typhoon multislide tray. Blue 488nm laser, 10u resolution. GE Verified & Eligibl View details . . .
ViewLux™ ultraHTS Microplate Imager     $39,900 USD
PE Wallac ViewLux ultraHTS Microplate Imager. Model 1430-0010. 2001 Deinstalled & factory packed. Certified eligible for factory service contract. 40c Camera 1 mega pixel, Apple Workstation, Viewlux software Rev.2.1, Manuals, Guaranteed. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

PRECIOUS METAL XRF -Jewelry Analyzer - NEW     $11,998.00
PRECIOUS METAL XRF SPECTROMETER. Precision jewelry analyzer - Low cost. Delivers wide elemental coverage w/ an easy-to-learn windows based software. Non-destructively analyze all Precious Metals plus Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Etc. View details . . .
EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF - NEW     Call for price.
NEW EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF, Elemental ROHS. Small, light & portable for on-site & in-situ analysis w/ PDA/Si-PIN detector, Amplifier circuit, Case. Mineral sample analysis, Alloy, Elemental FP methods in SW, SD card reader, WARRANTY. View details . . .
NEW EDX-7 XRF ANALYZER. Na-U Sulfur Chlorine Oil LAB EDXRF. Fast, precise & non-destructive elemental testing for Labs, QA industrial, manufacturers, refineries, government quality inspection depts, banks, & tertiary institutions… View details . . .
IXRF SYSTEMS NEW COMPASS MPX BENCHTOP ED-XRF. 12 position sample wheel processes multiple samples, automated & unattended. Utilize up to 8 filters for superior background reduction & premium ppm-level detection. View details . . .
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