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Listing by Category: DNA/RNA Synthesizers

ABI 3400 DNA/ RNA Synthesizer     Call for price.
ABI 3400 DNA / RNA Synthesizer. Excellent condition incl: AutoAnalysis trityl monitor, 4-column independent synth, 8 base positions, fully programmable, automatic cleavage, 90 day warranty, tested & verified prior to ship, Guaranteed good working conditio View details . . .
ABI 3900 PARTS & SERVICE     Call for prices.
PARTS & SERVICE available for the Applied Biosystems Model 3900 High-Throughput DNA Synthesizer. Contact us for a complete catalog of ABI 3900 parts and software. Ask about Blue Lion Premium Service contracts and support for the ABI 3900. View details . . .
ABI 3900 UPGRADE - NEW     Call for price.
Bring New Life to your ABI 3900 with the Biolytic 3900 Upgrade* Blue Lion Biotech is able to bring you a 3900 upgrade from Biolytic that dramatically improves its performance, adds hardware features & comes with a completely new software package, written View details . . .
ABI 3900- SPECIAL PRICE     Call for price.
Applied Biosystems Model 3900 High-Throughput DNA Synthesizer. Installation. Guarantee eligible for service contract. An economical, versatile, platform that synthesizes DNA oligonucleotides w/ fast cycle times, low reagent consumption, and reliability. View details . . .
ABI 394     Call for price.
Applied Biosystems Model 394 DNA-Synthesizer with Upgrade to 8 amidites and Trityl. Includes synthesizer, Mac, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Also includes complete fluidics rebuild and all new valves. 90 days Warranty. Guaranteed eligible for service. View details . . .
AKTA OligoPilot 10/100     Call for price.
ÄKTA/Amersham OligoPilot 10/100 DNA/RNA Synthesizer. Includes complete NEW data system, Unicorn Software, refurbished. Guaranteed in good working order. View details . . .
Bioautomation MerMade 12- New Arrival!     Call for price.
BioAutomation MerMade 12-16-12 DNA/RNA Synthesizer. 2010 complete & in excellent working order. Lightly used. Incl: Software, 12 column positions, 16 Amidite Ports, PC, Monitor, 12 Trityl. View details . . .
Bioautomation MerMade 192     Call for price.
Bioautomation MerMade 192. Complete February 2017. Excellent condition w/ 20 amidite ports. Loaded with options included. Top of line configured 192 synthesizer. View details . . .
Bioautomation MerMade 384     Call for price.
Bioautomation MerMade 384. For Genome scale & other ultra high throughput projects. Parallel synthesis of four 96 well plates of standard, degenerate or modified DNA & RNA in column or plate format. Many applications. View details . . .
Biolytic 3900 OLIGO SYNTHESIZER - New!     Call for price.
NEW BIOLYTIC 3900 OLIGO SYNTHESIZER. High Performance Medium Throughput. Dramatically improves performance vs ABI 3900, adds hardware features & incl. completely new software package, runs on latest Windows. View details . . .
COLUMN PRESS- Easily Insert Columns Into a 96 Well Rack     989.00
NEW COLUMN PRESS. Easily Insert Columns into a 96 Well Rack. Our Column Press allows for fast & easy fitment and removal of columns into a 96 well rack without damage to the rack or columns. The columns can be set flush with the top of the rack or inset b View details . . .
DNA / RNA Columns and Supports     Call for bulk pricing.
Columns for oligonecleotide synthesis. We offer columns for ABI, Dr.Oligo, BioAutomation MerMade synthesis. Call for prices. We are only supplier available for ABI 3948 columns. View details . . .
Dr. Oligo 192 Hi Throughput DNA/RNA NEW     Call for price.
NEW Dr.Oligo 192 High Throughput Oligo Synthesizer. Automates synthesis of DNA/RNA Oligos using phosphoramidite chemistry. Synthesizes high quality, long, short & mixed length oligos faster than any other. Incl:install,1 Year Warranty. View details . . .
Dr. Oligo 48 HIGH THROUGHPUT DNA SYNTHESIZER-NEW     Call for price.
NEW DR. OLIGO 48 DNA/RNA SYNTHESIZER. Dramatically improves performance: quality, speed & cost! Better than ABI 3900 w/ superior hardware functionality ensuring efficient synthesis. Incl: reimagined software, 4 drain stations to increase speed, slow drain View details . . .
Dr. Oligo 96 Hi Throughput DNA/RNA - NEW     Call for price.
NEW Dr.Oligo 96 High Throughput Oligo Synthesizer. Automates synthesis of DNA/RNA Oligos using phosphoramidite chemistry. Synthesizes high quality, long, short & mixed length oligos faster than any other. Incl:install,1 Year Warranty. View details . . .
DR. OLIGO Oligo PROCESSOR - NEW     Call for price.
NEW DR. OLIGO Oligo PROCESSOR. Automated Downstream Processing. Cost effective solution for desalting & purification of oligos. Built to highest quality standards, easy to operate, & dispenses up to 5 reagents in 96 well format View details . . .
Expedite 8909 High Throughput DNA Synthesizer - SALE!     Call for price.
Applied Biosystems Model 8909 High Throughput DNA Synthesizer. Includes Trityl Monitoring, rebuilt w/ new ABI valves, 90-day warranty, Guaranteed eligible for service. Synthesis scale ranges from 50 nmol to 15 µmol for DNA oligonucleotides. View details . . .
PolyGen SERVICE     Call for price.
PolyGen SERVICE. Blue Lion Biotech is the exclusive North American distributor for PolyGen GmbH. We offer service for a full line of DNA synthesizers from 10, 12, 96 & 384 formats. Call 425-396-4441 to learn about our satisfaction guarantee. View details . . .
ÄKTA Oligopilot plus 10 DNA Synthesizer     Call for price.
ÄKTA OLIGOPILOT plus 10 DNA SYNTHESIZER. Fully automated synthesis at the 1 to 50 μmol. High throughput & short cycle times. Flow-through operation offers speed & efficiency. Cycle time for a 1 μmol synthesis is under 5 min. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

PRECIOUS METAL XRF -Jewelry Analyzer - NEW     $11,998.00
PRECIOUS METAL XRF SPECTROMETER. Precision jewelry analyzer - Low cost. Delivers wide elemental coverage w/ an easy-to-learn windows based software. Non-destructively analyze all Precious Metals plus Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Etc. View details . . .
EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF - NEW     Call for price.
NEW EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF, Elemental ROHS. Small, light & portable for on-site & in-situ analysis w/ PDA/Si-PIN detector, Amplifier circuit, Case. Mineral sample analysis, Alloy, Elemental FP methods in SW, SD card reader, WARRANTY. View details . . .
NEW EDX-7 XRF ANALYZER. Na-U Sulfur Chlorine Oil LAB EDXRF. Fast, precise & non-destructive elemental testing for Labs, QA industrial, manufacturers, refineries, government quality inspection depts, banks, & tertiary institutions… View details . . .
IXRF SYSTEMS NEW COMPASS MPX BENCHTOP ED-XRF. 12 position sample wheel processes multiple samples, automated & unattended. Utilize up to 8 filters for superior background reduction & premium ppm-level detection. View details . . .

DNA Synthesizers and Oligonucleotide Synthesizers

When it comes to DNA Synthesizers, Blue Lion Biotech cannot be beat. We offer the best in new and used DNA/RNA oligonucleotide synthesizer equipment. We are an authorized North American distributor for Biolytic Dr. Oligo high-throughput DNA synthesizers for Biotech and Life Science Labs. We can customize the configuration of the Dr. Oligo specifically to meet your DNA synthesizer application requirements.

when you want a great dna synthesizer brand like applied biosystems or akta, we are your one stop source. you will also love our full line of service plans designed to meet a broad range of user needs. our team has more experience with abi 394, 3900, and expedite 8909 oligo synthesizer models than anybody out there, so you can count on quality work and expert technical support.

Blue Lion Biotech concentrates on only the highest quality equipment, low cost maintenance, On Site Field Service, and spare parts so that our customers can purchase confidently knowing that what you get from us will do exactly what you need it to do. We pride ourselves on giving you our individual attention so we can work together to find exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Rest easy, knowing that your DNA synthesizer is coming from a trusted source with great service.

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