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Listing by Category: Liquid Handlers

AGILENT / VELOCITY 11 BRAVO LIQUID HANDLER. Includes a rebuilt 96-channel head, fully refurbished, & all you need to get started, all QA/QC documentation, PC workstation with licensed software, telephone support, & a 6-month warranty. Installation, train View details . . .
AGILENT / VELOCITY 11 VPREP LIQUID HANDLER. Incl: Rebuilt 96-channel head, fully refurbished, PC workstation w/software, telephone support, & a 6-month warranty. Installation, training, & service contracts. View details . . .
BECKMAN BIOMEK FX LIQUID HANDLER. Incl: Rebuilt 96-channel head, Fully refurbished, PC workstation w/Software, 6-month warranty. Installation, training, & service contracts. View details . . .
Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler     Call for price.
Beckman Biomek FXp Liquid Handler. Latest entry w/ greater positional accuracy & increased robustness. 2 heads are better than one- dual-pod system (multichannel pod and Span-8) for maximum process flexibility. 96- or 384-well head. View details . . .
Beckman ORCA Robot     Call for price.
Beckman ORCA Robot System. High Throughput Arm & Rail- the Optimized Robot for Chemical Analysis. ORCA (Optimized Robot for Chemical Analysis) works reliably with common labware & instrumentation. Complete & in excellent condition, power up tested. View details . . .
Biomek 3000 - Never Used!     Call for price.
Beckman Coulter Biomek® 3000 Laboratory Automation Workstation - Never Used! Complete System Includes: Biomek 3000 Controller, 7 Ports, Software, Manuals, Cables, Guaranteed in Good Working Condition. View details . . .
ENCORE 200/8 with ROMA & Carousel     Call for price.
ENCORE 200/8 LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEM w/ ROMA2 & Carousel Stacker HS, 60 position deck & 8 channel arm in excellent condition. Incl: Tecan Wash Station, Install, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
ENCORE Table Top XYZ ROBOT for Suspension Liquid Applications     Call for price.
ENCORE TABLE TOP XYZ ROBOT. There are MANY suspension liquid applications the Encore table top robot can do, such as painting & glue applications. You will be pleased to see how fast and accurate we can get your application done. Warranty included. View details . . .
HAMILTON MICROLAB STARLET LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEM. Configured as follows: Deck Size: 1.0m, Plate Columns: 5, Plate Positions: 25. Full access to 5 plate positions per row. Plates may also be stacked up to 8 high, increasing capacity dramatically. View details . . .
Blue Lion Biotech has many LIQUID HANDLERS available. Including, Biomek, Beckman, Tecan, Packard, Donix, Qiagen, etc. Click the following (view details...) link for a short list. View details . . .
PE JANUS with 8tip and MDT     Call for price.
PE JANUS Automated Real-Time Liquid Handling Workstation. 2006 Standard platform with MDT and many options. Lightly used. In excellent condition. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II EX     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II EX. Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II EX Robotic 4 tip liquid handling system. This unit was acquired in 2001 but has had only limited use. All available accessories are included as well as many conductive tips. View details . . .
PerkinElmer JANUS - NEW, Never Used     Call for price.
PerkinElmer JANUS LIQUID HANDLING ROBOT, 8 TIP - NEW, Never Used. 8 Channels / Tips 96 Well Head, Computer, Software, Monitor, Cables, UPS, Installation, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
SERVICE - Tecan Genesis Series     Call for price.
SERVICE - Tecan Genesis Liquid Handlers. Full in-depth preventive maintenance & repair in the field. Blue Lion Biotech service technicians are trained by factory repair technicians from Tecan. We include the Artel colorimetric verification system. View details . . .
SIAS XANTUS ROBOTIC LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEMS. We offer 9 Xantus Systems. All brand NEW in excellent condition. Biotech company cancelled project & were never used or taken out of crates. 2 pre-customized configurations available. 90 days Warranty. View details . . .
Tecan EVO2 100 8 Tip Diti Unit with Diti Eject     Call for price.
Tecan EVO2 100 8 Tip Diti Unit with Diti Eject. Complete Incl: Refurbished, Disposable Tip, Diti Eject, Single Liha Arm, Gemini Software for EVO Dongle, Installation, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
Tecan EVO2 200/8 with POSid and ROMA EVOware 2.3     Call for price.
Tecan EVO 200/8 channel Version 2 unit with POSid2 and ROMA EVOware 2.3, PC, Flat screen, Keyboard, mouse, UPS. Refurbished, setup, 90 day warranty. View details . . .
Tecan EVOlyzer 200 8 tip with ROMA     Call for price.
Tecan EVOlyzer 200 8 tip with ROMA. Certified Refurbished. Includes: extension deck, reader, washer, EVOware, w/ computer and touch screen, Set-up, Installation, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
Tecan Freedom 100 4 Tip     $8,975
Tecan Freedom 100 4 Tip. For Diagnostics, Clinical, life science labs. Multichannel pipetting- Increase throughput. Uses/ Automated Applications: DNA Extraction, PCR set-up & Elisa, sample transfers. Installation, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
Tecan Freedom EVO 150     Call for price.
Tecan Freedom EVO 150, with 2 LiHa Arms. 2006 incl: 2 Span 8 heads, deck plates, tip wash station, PC, Software, monitor, & manuals. Minimal use. Software upgraded 2010. Standard volume 3 - 5000 µl, Low volume 0.5 - 250 µl. View details . . .
TECAN Genesis 200 PARTS     Call for price.
TECAN Genesis 200 PARTS. We offer five instruments good for refurbishing or parts. We also have some new parts. Some were last PM'd in December of 2011. Equipment manuals are available. View details . . .
Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 Liquid Handler w/ROMA     Call for price.
Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 Liquid Handler w/ROMA. Complete, excellent condition, recent service. Incl: (8)Independent Tips, (8)Syringe Dispensing Unit, Dell Workstation, Gemini Software, Fast Wash Option, Bottle/Tubing Kit, Racks/Carriers, Manuals. View details . . .
Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 Robot w/ DiTi eject Arm     Call for price.
Tecan Genesis RSP 150/8 Liquid Handling Robot w/low DiTi eject Arm. 2000 system under factory service, complete w/one arm. Lab needs to free up lab space. Incl: Disposable tip chute, Conductive black pipet tips. Te-MO™ Multichannel Pipetting Option avail View details . . .
Tecan Genesis RSP 200/8 w/Carousel     Call for price.
Tecan RSP 200/8 Robotic Sample Processor w/integrated Liconic/Tecan Plate Hotel & Carousel. Incl: (8) Independent Tips, Fast Wash Option, (8) Syringe Dispensing Unit, 8 Pos. Hotel Assembly, 20 Position Hotel, ROMA Arm, New Dell Workstation w/Gemini Softwa View details . . .
Tecan Te-Mo Multichannel Pipetting Option     Call for price.
Tecan Te-Mo Multichannel Pipetting Option. 2000 Te-MO maximizes productivity while preserving space. For Freedom EVO & Genesis platforms. Optimizes thruput & walk-away time. Performs all assay steps & allows independent use of robotic arms. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

PRECIOUS METAL XRF -Jewelry Analyzer - NEW     $11,998.00
PRECIOUS METAL XRF SPECTROMETER. Precision jewelry analyzer - Low cost. Delivers wide elemental coverage w/ an easy-to-learn windows based software. Non-destructively analyze all Precious Metals plus Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Etc. View details . . .
EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF - NEW     Call for price.
NEW EDX 3 HAND-HELD ALLOY XRF, Elemental ROHS. Small, light & portable for on-site & in-situ analysis w/ PDA/Si-PIN detector, Amplifier circuit, Case. Mineral sample analysis, Alloy, Elemental FP methods in SW, SD card reader, WARRANTY. View details . . .
NEW EDX-7 XRF ANALYZER. Na-U Sulfur Chlorine Oil LAB EDXRF. Fast, precise & non-destructive elemental testing for Labs, QA industrial, manufacturers, refineries, government quality inspection depts, banks, & tertiary institutions… View details . . .
IXRF SYSTEMS NEW COMPASS MPX BENCHTOP ED-XRF. 12 position sample wheel processes multiple samples, automated & unattended. Utilize up to 8 filters for superior background reduction & premium ppm-level detection. View details . . .
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