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Listing by Category: XRD and XRF

Bruker AXS D8 Discover XRD w/Hi-Star GADDS     Call for price.
BRUKER AXS D8 DISCOVER XRD W/Hi-Star GADDS. This combination gives capability to handle phase ID & quantification, textural & residual stress analysis, single crystal diffraction, particle size determination, % crystallinity, & structural ID. WARRANTY. View details . . .
BRUKER D4 ENDEAVOR XRD     Call for price.
BRUKER D4 ENDEAVOR XRD SPECTROMETER complete, excellent condition. Incl. Goniometer, NEW X-RAY TUBE, Housing, Mount, Sample Magazine, DETECTORS, Optics, Software, WARRANTY. View details . . .
BRUKER S2 PICOFOX TXRF WDXRF     Call for price.
BRUKER S2 PICOFOX 400 TXRF WDXRF. World's first & only transportable TOTAL REFLECTION spectrometer w/ detection limits in the lower pg, ppb and ppm range. Refurbished, WARRANTY. View details . . .
BRUKER S2 RANGER ED-XRF     Call for price.
BRUKER S2 RANGER ENERGY DISPERSIVE X-RAY FLUORESCENCE (ED-XRF) ANALYZER. Multi-element Analysis from Carbon (C) to Uranium (U). Refurbished, Warranty. Compete all-in-one analyzer in excellent condition. View details . . .
EDX 3300 SDD XRF - NEW     $35,999.00
NEW EDX 3300 SDD XRF X-RAY FLUORESCENT SPECTROMETER. Flexibility & Powerful – Detection range: 800 ppb (parts per billion) ~ 100%. Direct Analysis of Liquids, Solids, Powders. ONE YEAR WARRANTY. View details . . .
PANalytical AXIOS WDXRF     Call for price.
PANalytical AXIOS WDXRF PLATFORM 440/24. Analyzes full range of elements from beryllium to uranium. Auto sample changer handles variety of different sample materials. PAN's unique zero drift x-ray tech. Warranty. View details . . .
PANalytical AXIOSmAX ADVANCED XRF     Call for price.
PANalytical AXIOSmAX ADVANCED SEQUENTIAL WAVELENGTH DISPERSIVE X-RAY FLUORESCENCE SPECTROMETER. The best that wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry can offer. Speed, accuracy, flexibility & uptime. View details . . .
PANalytical X'Pert PRO MRD XRD     Call for price.
PANalytical X'Pert PRO MRD XRD. Diffractometer for thin films-- single crystals & polycrystalline (diffraction & XRR) from RT to 900°C, also used to measure powders. Refurbished, Complete with NEW XRay Tube, Warranty. View details . . .
SCINTAG XDS 2000 XRD w/ Jade & DataScan 5 Software     Call for price.
SCINTAG XDS 2000 XRD w/ Jade & DataScan 5. Samples can be analyzed in many forms, incl: powders, thin films, crystals, & solutions. Wide-angle X-ray scattering used to study structural characteristics. 6 mos Warranty. View details . . .
SPECTRO MIDEX SMALL SPOT ED-XRF SPECTROMETER. Fast ROHS, elemental screening complete 2013 excellent condition. Refurbished 3rd Generation, NEW Xray Tube, WARRANTY. View details . . .
SPECTRO XEPOS ED-XRF ANALYZER in excellent condition. Fully refurbished, NEW XRay Tube, Sample Holders, Turret, SDD, Computer, WIN 7, XRF Analyxer PRO SW,UPS, Manuals, WARRANTY. View details . . .
XRD Rigaku Miniflex     Call for price.
Rigaku Miniflex XRD. X-Ray Powder Diffractometer (XRPD). 2007, excellent condition. Incl: 6-pos sample changer, Chiller, PC, Cu X-ray tube, Software. View details . . .
XRD Rigaku R-AXIS RAPID     Call for price.
Rigaku R-AXIS RAPID XRD. X-ray Single Crystal Structure Analysis System. December 2001 in good condition. Operational when decommissioned. Can be inspected. The Crystalograhper is available for reference. View details . . .
XRD Rigaku Rotaflex RU-200B w/ PSPC     Call for price.
Rigaku XRD Rotaflex RU-200B series w/ PSPC. Only 13 hrs usage & 62.6 total on time hours. Dual shutter- 2 samples can be run at time w/multitasking board. Incl:PSPC (position sensitive proportional counter) Type Microdiffractometer. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

EDX 3300 SDD XRF - NEW     $35,999.00
NEW EDX 3300 SDD XRF X-RAY FLUORESCENT SPECTROMETER. Flexibility & Powerful – Detection range: 800 ppb (parts per billion) ~ 100%. Direct Analysis of Liquids, Solids, Powders. ONE YEAR WARRANTY. View details . . .
THERMO SCIENTIFIC iCAP 7600 DUO ICP-OES     Call for price.
THERMO SCIENTIFIC iCAP 7600 DUO ICP-OES SPECTROMETER in excellent condition. Refurbished. Cetac ASX 520 Autosampler, ITF900 Turbine Pump Chiller, Auto diluter, Sample introduction Kits, Qtegra ISDS Software 2.2, Argon Humidifier, WARRANTY. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer SPECTRUM 400 FT-IR NIR     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer SPECTRUM 400 FT-IR NIR SPECTROMETER w/MICROSCOPE in excellent condition. Incl: Refurbished, ATR imaging Accessory, Dell Optiplex Computer, Spectrum 10 Software, WINDOWS 7, WARRANTY. View details . . .
AQUILA NKD 8000 UV-VIS-NIR THIN FILM ANALYZER. Metrology thickness. Refurbished, X Y Mapping, Software, Multiple Angle Accessory, Heated Sample Stage, Microspot Delivery, Auto Polarizer, WARRANTY. View details . . .
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