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Listing by Category: MALDI-TOFs

AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600     Call for price.
AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600. Complete system in excellent condition. Last preventative maintenance was performed October 2015. Nothing wrong, it's just not meeting the needs of the university lab any more. View details . . .
ABI 4700 LASER     Call for pirce.
200Hz Solid State Laser for ABI 4700 and 4800. Call for price. View details . . .
ABI 4800 LASER     Call for pirce.
200Hz Solid State Laser for ABI 4800. Call for price. View details . . .
ABI 4800 Proteomics Discovery System with Mascot™     Call for price.
ABI 4800 Proteomics Discovery System w/Mascot. For proteomics & protein biomarker research. Complete system includes Installation, Training, Warranty. View details . . .
ABI Voyager Data System UPGRADE     $2,995 USD
Voyager MALDI-TOFs DATA SYSTEM UPGRADE. The Voyager up-grade data system is a custom built industrial computer identical to the latest computer offered by Applied Biosystems®. Can upgrade Voyager-DE, Voyager-DE PRO, Voyager DE-RP, and Voyager-DE STR. View details . . .
ABI Voyager DE     $55,750 / SALE $45,000
ABI VOYAGER DE . High-performance benchtop MALDI-TOF system perfect for QC-ing peptides. Original, OEM maintained system is still operational & includes: Install, 90-Day Warranty, Guaranteed eligible for service contract, Training. View details . . .
ABI Voyager DE PRO     Call for pirce.
ABI VOYAGER DE PRO. High-performance benchtop MALDI-TOF perfect for QC-ing peptides. Original, 2001 OEM maintained system. Includes: Installation, 90-Day Warranty, Guaranteed eligible for service contract, Training. View details . . .
ABI Voyager DE RP     $65,750 USD
Applied Biosystems ABI VOYAGER DE RP Maldi TOF MS. Complete 1996 integrated MALDI-TOF System includes: NEW Voyager 5.1 Upgrade, Installation, Guarantee eligible for Blue Lion Biotech service contract, 90 Day Warranty. Perfect for QC'ing peptides. View details . . .
ABI VOYAGER DE STR. High-performance benchtop MALDI-TOF perfect for QC-ing peptides. Original, OEM maintained system, fully refurbished. Sold in good working order. Installation, Warranty, service contract, Training, Solid State UV Laser available. View details . . .
ABI Voyager Lasers Nitrogen     Call for price.
Voyager MALDI Replacement Lasers. Blue Lion Biotech carries a complete line of refurbished 337nm nitrogen laser systems w/ warranty. Substantial cost-savings includes a full warranty. Installation available. View details . . .
AGILENT 6510 QTof LCMS     Call for price.
AGILENT 6510 Q-TOF LC/MS. View details . . .
AP/MALDI & AP/MALDI w/PDF SOURCES     Call for price.
NEW AP/MALDI & AP/MALDI w/PDF SOURCES. Blue Lion Biotech offers a complete line of AP/MALDI sources & AP/MALDI sources w/PDF technology. Available for following: AB/MDS SCIEX, Bruker, IonSpec, JEOL, Thermo Finnigan, Waters/Micromass. View details . . .
Bruker AutoFlex     Call for price.
Bruker AutoFlex MALDI-TOF MS. 2002 automated high-throughput system. Acquired from Bruker in excellent condition. 337nm laser is designed for over 100 million shots; this laser's shot-count is <2mill. Factory install, service contract avail. View details . . .
Bruker AutoFlex for PARTS     Offers warmly accepted
Bruker Daltonics AutoFlex MALDI Tof, Mass Spectrometer.FOR PARTS. Missing some circuit boards and is dented on the doors. The parts in side look new. Powers up, SOLD AS IS. Offers warmly received. View details . . .
BRUKER ULTRAFLEX TOF/TOF 200 MALDI-TOF Tandem MS     Call for price.
BRUKER ULTRAFLEX TOF/TOF 200 MALDI-TOF Tandem MS w/ ClinProt Robot. 2005 Turnkey system for Biomarker discovery & identification. Excellent condition. Successful PM preventative maintenance by Bruker May 2008. Checked laser, ran qualifying specs. View details . . .
Perkin Elmer prOTOF 2000 MALDI     Call for price.
Perkin Elmer prOTOF 2000 MALDIO-TOF MS. First single MS MALDI to be developed using orthogonal time of flight technology. 2004 complete, Certified by factory in good working condition. View details . . .
SHIMADZU AXIMA ASSURANCE Linear MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer. 2010 in excellent condition. Still under service contract with recent PM inspection in June 2015. View details . . .
Shimadzu AXIMA-CFR plus MALDI-TOF MS     Call for price.
AXIMA-CFR plus. High mass accuracy, resolution & sensitivity. For front line proteomics: High performance linear/reflectron MALDI-TOF-MS, Ultra-fast Seamless PSD, Automated/unattended PMF & data-dependent PSD experiments. Certified by factory. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

Bruker AXS D8 Discover XRD w/Hi-Star GADDS     Call for price.
BRUKER AXS D8 DISCOVER XRD W/Hi-Star GADDS. This combination gives capability to handle phase ID & quantification, textural & residual stress analysis, single crystal diffraction, particle size determination, % crystallinity, & structural ID. WARRANTY. View details . . .
PE NexION 300 ICP-MS     Call for price.
PE NexION 300 ICP-MS. Complete w/ESI in excellent condition. Fully refurbished, Guaranteed in Good Working Condition, Autosampler, Vacuum Roughing Pump, Computer, Software, Monitor, WARRANTY. View details . . .
BRUKER S2 PICOFOX TXRF WDXRF     Call for price.
BRUKER S2 PICOFOX 400 TXRF WDXRF. World's first & only transportable TOTAL REFLECTION spectrometer w/ detection limits in the lower pg, ppb and ppm range. Refurbished, WARRANTY. View details . . .
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS     Call for price.
THERMO XSeries 2 ICP/MS. Fully refurbished, CETAC ASX-520, ThermoFlex 2500 Recirculating Water Chiller, Dell Computer System, WARRANTY: 90 Days View details . . .
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