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Listing by Category: Ion Traps

Agilent / HP 1100 MSD Trap     $75,000 USD
Agilent/HP 1100 MSD TRAP. 2001 System includes Mass Spectrometer w/G2445A Trap, ESI, Chemstation A9.01 Software, LC/MSD Trap 4.1 Software, NT Workstation, Sold as is in good working condition. HPLC Optional. View details . . .
Bruker Esquire 3000 Plus     Call for price.
Bruker Esquire 3000. Just off lease! Hardly ever used. Factory certified in good working condition. We will provide supporting documentation on all work done. The Waters 2795 has been fully refurbished. View details . . .
Bruker Esquire LC/HP     $64,900 USD
Bruker Esquire LC/HP Ion Trap G1980A. 1999 available for inspection. Incl: Refurbished, API or APCI, Pentium Chemstation, Printer, Latest rev of Chems Software, Windows NT, HP Pentium Workstation, Manual. Installation, guaranteed eligible is additional. View details . . .
Finnigan EI/CS Ion Source     $2,200 USD
Finnigan EI/CS Ion Source. Ion Source - looks brand new P/N 70001-60032 for Finnigan spectrometer. EI/CS. Sold as is in current condition. Price: $2,200 USD. View details . . .
FINNIGAN LCQ Advantage MAX LC/MS/MS     $128,900 USD
Like NEW! FINNIGAN LCQ Advantage MAX LC/MS/MS. 2004 little use from R&D company developing emitters for Nano Spray. Incl: Xcalibur & Open Access Software, Ion Max source, Camera & Nano Spray Probe, Micro ESI Probe, PUMP, Autosampler, Computer, Warranty. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ CLASSIC     Call for price.
Thermo Finnigan LCQ CLASSIC Ion Trap. Excellent working condition, fully functional & currently operational. Under service contract until now, impeccably maintained. Includes Refurbished, Guranteed Installable, & 90-day warranty, Continental US. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ Classic ESI Source     $7,500 USD
Thermo Finnigan LCQ Classic ESI SOURCE. New and Unused Source. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ Classic Protana Nano ES source     $7,900 USD
Protana Nano ES source. Designed for use on the Finnigan LCQ Classic mass spectrometer. Includes instruction manual for the nanospray. ES160 Upgrade Kit also available at additional cost. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ DECA     Call for price.
Thermo Finnigan LCQ DECA Ion Trap. 2001 a workhorse instrument, capable of analyzing DNA & RNA synthetic oligos. Incl: DECA LCQ Benchtop MSN System, ESI, Computer, 2 Edwards 30 Roughing pumps serviced regularly, Xcalibur 1.2, installed, warranty. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ DECA XP     Call for price.
Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP. For high throughput proteomics applications. This system is in very good condition and tested. Includes: Install, 90-Days Warranty, Training. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ Deca XP LC/MS/MS w/ AP/MALDI     Call for price.
Thermo Finnigan LCQ Deca XP LC/MS/MS with AP/MALDI Ion Source. For high throughput proteomics applications. This system is in very good condition and tested. Install, 90-Days Warranty, Training available. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ Deca XP MAX LC/MSn     Call for price.
Thermo Fisher Scientific LCQ Deca XP MAX LC/MSn. 2005 certified & inspected by Thermo. Incl:ESI Bundle, Nanospray for Ion Max Source, Bioworks 3.1, Generator, Manuals, Sold in good working order. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ DECA XP+     Call for price.
Finnigan LCQ DECA XP Plus Ion Trap. For high throughput proteomics applications. De-installed, packed, fully working, excellent condition: well-maintained, tested. Incl: Install, Guranteed eligible for service contract. Xcalibur 2.0 NEW Upgrade. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ DECA XP+ Nanospray Source     Call for price.
Finnigan LCQ DECA XP+ Nanospray Source. Includes: adapter and camera. Call for price. View details . . .
Finnigan LCQ DUO w/Surveyor LC     Call for price.
Finnigan LCQ DUO Ion Trap (LCQ DUO MS)w/Surveyor LC. A powerful, compact benchtop for LC/MS/MS. 1999 DUO is operational & maintained under factory contract. Can be inspected & tested. Includes Install, Guaranteed Eligible for Service Contract. View details . . .
Finnigan LTQ FT     Call for price.
Finnigan LTQ FT Hybrid MS. 2004 advanced, high performance ion trap - Fourier Transform MS. With standard configuration. Sold in good working order. Optional Agilent 1100 LC available. SAVE! View details . . .
Finnigan LTQ LINEAR ION TRAP MSn     Call for price.
THERMO LTQ LINEAR ION TRAP LC/MSn. Complete 2005, excellent condition. Recent Thermo PM on 5/21/08. Devices calibrated successfully. All diagnostic tests passed. Vacuum pump replaced. Available for inspection. Mass Range m/z 50Ė2000. View details . . .
Finnigan PolarisQ Ion Trap w/TRACE GC/MSn     Call for price.
Thermo Finnigan PolarisQ Ion Trap w/TRACE GC/MSn. Benchtop. Pesticide & pharma residues, arson investigation, dioxin contamination, & athletic doping analyses are applications where GC/MS/MS offers selectivity & performance advantages over standard GC/MS. View details . . .
Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL     Call for price.
THERMO LTQ ORBITRAP XL. Fourier Transform Mass Spec w/HCD Cell Incl:
 Ion Max ESI Source, New Dell w/Windows 7 SW, Thermoflex 900 Chiller, Xcalibur 2.1 SW, New Thermo Foundation 1.02 sp2 SW, PowerVar Power Conditioner, Manual. View details . . .

Newest Products Listed

AB SCIEX MPX-2 MULTIPLEXING LC/MS/MS SYSTEM. 2014 increases thruput > 2X by multiplexing 2 HPLC systems into single ms. Incl: CTC HTS Pal Autosampler, 2 Cool Stacks, 2 High Pressure Injection Valves, uDLW Washing system, NEXERA XR UHPLC, Install, 6 mos wa View details . . .
PANalytical AXIOSmAX ADVANCED XRF     Call for price.
PANalytical AXIOSmAX ADVANCED SEQUENTIAL WAVELENGTH DISPERSIVE X-RAY FLUORESCENCE SPECTROMETER. The best that wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry can offer. Speed, accuracy, flexibility & uptime. View details . . .
AQUAOX EC-200 ELECTROLYZED WATER ANALYSIS SYSTEM - Just off lease! The First Fully-automatic (remote-controlled) System for onsite generation of Electrolyzed Water available on the†market. Complete. View details . . .
Thermo TSQ QUANTIVA Triple Quad     Call for price.
THERMO TSQ QUANTIVA Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer. Still covered under factory service. Last PM date April 2016. Solely for nanospray applications & is in excellent condition. View details . . .
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